Martin Tillman

Martin Tillman

Martin Tillman

Composer, Performer, Cellist
Swiss composer and world renowned cellist has established himself in the motion picture and recording world as one of the most sought after talents of experimental acoustic and electric cello. He has created a revolutionary sound of his own by extending the traditional boundaries of the cello.
music producer, film scoring, music composition
Los Angeles

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Zero Gravity by Martin Tillman

Paulie Hips

From the first few seconds, I was  expecting maybe some tripped out House music to come in, and I felt a yawn coming on. Of course, then the actual music comes in, and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Now, from my bio I'm sure you can tell that I neither play this kind of music on my show, nor listen to it on a regular basis. That being said, Good music and talent is exactly that, and one thing about being a fellow musician, is that, in order to give validity to being an occupational big mouth on the radio, and Rock N Roll "snob", is that you have to respect what is good. This track is just that, really fucking good. It's the good kind of "ominous", and although it has no percussion, this song has a backbeat of, I guess I'll call it, inspiration. It rather quickly puts out the vibe of overcoming something, or leaving something negative behind. I found it to be exactly what it's supposed to be. I always listen to the tracks first, before I read what the Artist, or Manager, or whoever wrote about it. So when I finally did, it was exactly what this musician was going for. Zero Gravity is not only a perfect name, it can actually describe, the all around vibe that the music gives you. I would put this in any movie, or promo, or anything really that needs some music to lay down some, "we shall overcome" undertones. Well done.

Jen Dan

Hello Martin!
Wow, just what I needed on this hectic Easter holiday weekend; a beautiful, moving, expansive instrumental that has calmed me down and put me in a more meditative mood.  Your composition would fit perfectly on the soundtrack for an inspiring film.  It in itself is inspiring!  :D
The slowly unfurling start with its sharp, bright, starting-up sounds that dissipate creates immediate interest and then the gorgeous ebb and flow of wistfully reflective woodwind synths and poignant symphonic strings materialize, along with light, contemplative piano notes.
The piano keys that sound like sweet drops of water and the gentle wash of heightened strings are captivating and I love how those sounds twine pleasantly together.  The overall feeling is one of a radiating warmth and understanding - and compassionate uplift with the pull of those heavenly symphonic strings.
Divine!  I wish you and your wife Eva all the best.

John Kuzara

Really interesting opening and loved the section that seeps into play shortly after. Ethereal and light, it's a track that blends together deeper sounds with classic piano chord progressions. You almost want to be out looking at the stars when this comes on. It's spiritual-esque, and doesn't hold back in terms of stretching out emotion. The well-connected overlay of instruments is vital in this, there is no discord at any point. Adventurous and smooth, keep making music Martin!

Pieter Winkelaar

Very nice relaxing piece. I like the irish influence in it. Very well done! Production is top notch as well. Very suitable for documentaries and movies. Not my taste, but i can clearly hear the quality.

Adam Hill

I like it, I like the aesthetic and the sci-fi poignancy that lives within in. The strings are gorgeous and it is quite emotive. However, I'm not sure what it is.
By this I mean, from the description you sent, which is how you are introducing yourself to me and others, i'm not clear if this is meant to be taken as a single or part of a larger whole. In starting by talking about Superhuman (I'm presuming album but could be an EP or opera) without any real context, then a little about Zero Gravity, you have unintentionally confused the issue.
When presenting to writers and people you want to promote you, you need to be clear and specific. Think about what you want them to say, what is it you want them to effectively announce for you? Then frame your submission around that. You have the music and if pitched well and at the right people, you should get some good coverage.
Hope this helps.

Joshua Smotherman

The dramatic/cinematic build of this song really caresses the emotional strings. This would be perfect as the soundtrack or theme music during a profound awakening, a metamorphosis or traveling through space. This mix is pristine and the elements blend really well together creating a very impactful, enchanting bed of sound. I'm a big fan of this one, I would listen again and again.

John Masters

Quite a space-y intro with a big build up, makes you want to see what comes next.  Piano sounds very film soundtrack-esque.  Almost a David Lynch Twin Peaks feel but not as dark.  Good vibes overall and would work well for an uplifting film.

Mark Heck

The intro (first 30 seconds) were very epic. I thought the transition from the intro would be of similar sound, more laid back though and I like that. Curious as to where you would try to get placements for sounds like these? Maybe movies? TV Shows? I like the different range of instruments. I could definitely see this being the opening sequence to some kind of fantasy/adventure type of movie. All in all I thought this was very good. 

Before I wrote what I did above, I didn't read your description for the piece. Glad that I didn't because after listening and then reading where the inspiration came from I have a high level of respect for you and the inspiration that brought this out. The phrase "Music is really what feeling sound like" is so true in this case. Congrats and best of luck to you and your family. 

Keta Myers

Thanks for your submission. I like this tune, very melodic and will help anyone that needs to relax or wind down!

Adam Foster

This is not exactly my type of music, but it is beautifully recorded and well done. 

I will send your info to an opera singer I know here in miami that does alot of work similar to this-  here is her email - I know she is interested in doing collaborations. 

If you were to collaborate with an electronic producer I think this music could be very appealing for younger people who listen to music mostly on their headphones, by themselves.  Artists like M83 and Tycho remind me of this. 

Seems like great music for soundtracks and licensing. 

Jeremy Troy

Great sound will post soon!

Heather Frazier Behling

I wasn't sure what to expect when I hit the play button; but this really soothed me. I felt peaceful while listening to it and imagined myself frolicking through nature. It struck a chord (so to speak) with my soul. It is music that in order to be fully appreciated, it deserves all of your attention. 

Jump Into Limbo

This is wonderful stuff! The composition is very real and very accessible at the same time, and has a great positive motivation to uplift spirits. I can imagine many different scenes as this plays, almost like a movie - but each one is about a discovery from exploring a mystical, magical place: something like Alice in Wonderland (without all the trepidation or bizarre happenings), or finding treasure on an island. I will definitely post this on Jump Into Limbo and you can look out for it! 

Some parts of this composition were quite familiar (I'm not sure if I'd heard it in some other movie soundtrack). 

Derrick Lee

Hello Martin:

This is a lovely instrumental track. I think is flows quite nicely and crescendos at the right moments, giving the piece life, animating it with palpable "breaths".  You are absolutely correct about the the mood that the string section add to the piece. Having listened to several of your other recordings (and looking you up on the internet), my assumption that you were already an accomplished composer/musician was confirmed.

My only musical suggestion (and take it with a grain of salt insofar as I am neither a producer nor professional musician) is that I think that the melodic top-line, which you play throughout using a synth, could be played with a different instrument to give the work greater depth. I've read that you are an accomplished cellist. I wondered why you opted not to record that part of the score with your cello. I think the rich, live, tonal qualities of the cello could greatly add to the emotional content of your recording. The synth sound-patch used, while ethereal, is a little to "spacey" for me, and I think your cello playing could make the recording more "earthy". 

Great work, and keep it up!

Derrick K. Lee

Arielle J.

I love that you provided such a full story/context for this. It really feels like an emotional journey to me and I appreciate that it sounds so polished. I could see this having a lot of commercial use, maybe in a movie soundtrack or something like that. The heart photo is a little intense for me though I get the point of it, but I don't think you need something so literal because this track really does stand out on its own and delivers the message you're going for really clearly. Really great job!

Parth Barot


Thanks for your submission!

I really love the artwork by the way. This is fantastic piece of music, I just love how layered it was. All the instrumentation comes together so beautifully and it's honestly one of the most pleasing pieces of music I have heard in a very long time. It's peaceful, it's lush and just overwhelmingly progressive. Love the strings on this too!

Thank you for brightening my day with this. Please send me more!


Wiley Koepp

Beautiful.  Composed from "the darkest trenches of despair" and "a reaffirmation of the power of the human spirit," Martin Tillman created "Superhuman" for his wife, in a loving dedication to her battle against MS.

The result is soundtrack-ready voyage through sound, a sonic progression that effuses positivity, hope, compassion...and love.  There is a reason that, when you watch a particularly powerful moment in film, that the accompanying music is so vital to conveying the visual and spoken emotions.  Music truly is the soundtrack of our lives.  And with "Superhuman" Tillman has chosen to share his personal soundtrack of some of his more personal emotions.

Liane Chan

A really beautiful and moving composition. I wouldn't change a thing. Reading the story behind it makes it even better, I can't really add much other than it seems to accomplish its goal of encouraging those who need it to battle their obstacles. Excellent work!

Lauren Gribble

This song was gorgeous! Have you considered trying to get this into a movie? It sounds like something that would fit well within a film. Keep up the good work. 


Brett Napoli

Cool but slightly ominous. Sounds very similar to a movie score. Beautifully made music, but not sure it is something I'd listen to regularly. Very professional grade production and really enjoy the piano. Well composed and arranged, nicely done. I really like the first minute build-up and the natural progression throughout the track.

Indie Band Guru

Beautiful work.  The sound builds up to a higher place taking the listener with it.  The use of exotic sounds keeps the attention fixed on the melody.  There remains a pretines throughout the track that would fit well in a film soundtrack as well. 

Robal Johnson

What a beautiful orchestral recording. Obviously, your focus should be in film and television scoring. I will send this song to my friends in publishing and placement. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous piece with me. Best of luck to you in your endeavors. Cheers, 

Leks Maltby

Martin Tillman's latest musical offering, the hypnotic "Zero Gravity," is an exercise in synthetic aural experimentation. A disorienting fade-in synth intro immediately decays into a sombre synth melody, sounding at once like classical music from years gone by only set in a distant future beyond imagination. Layers of synthetic strings stack seamlessly to build a continuous crescendo through the arc of the song, while the core synth melody plucks away like a lost soul on a journey to a faraway land. While this five-plus minute song is a purely instrumental exercise, it indeed depicts a tremendous tale with nothing more than sound. This is the power of Martin Tillman's music, truly a sonic painter if ever there was one. One can only dream of what Tillman will imagine next with his musical explorations.

Going Solo

This is a wonderful track, probably with the best production I've ever received here on Fluence. It unravels through an extremely cinematic path, dense of different, worthy moments. You should work on music composition for movies, tv-series, commercials ecc... I read the description only after having heard the song and, knowing the backstory, I'd say I can understand better certain nuances of this recording. Maybe, if heard within its context of LP/EP, it would assume a different connotation. I'm just guessing, since it's not the kind of music I'm usually into. I'm sharing this now through the blog's Twitter account. Good luck for your future and thanks for the submission.

Brian Zisook

This is a beautiful arrangement. I can truly say I've never before received anything like this, or close to this level of production, through a Fluence submission. This effort has boundless opportunities in the scoring scene, either film or video games. That said, it obviously has no place on DJBooth. 

Hugh McIntyre

This is great. I loved it. I think you'd be great at scoring anything, which I believe there is always room for in the industry. Commercials, TV, even movies. Stop putting stuff on SoundCloud and go win an Oscar for Best Original Score!

Kevin Hugger

Songs that are borne out of life experiences may not be all that rare but the percentage that truly capture the essence and emotion involved certainly. So it is to Martin Tillman’s great credit that his ‘Zero Gravity’ conjures a genuine feeling that we are all floating in space. So much so that I can’t wait to hear how it has been snapped up by a director looking out for a perfect piece of audio to soundtrack a visual so arresting it will make your heart melt. In short this is beautiful music, I almost cried on a couple of occasions, and it’s obvious that the path that lead Tillman to engineer such wonder and awe has shaped his life as well as his undoubted gift. 

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Cracked Diamonds by Martin Tillman

Sam Lipman

Very emotional piece. I hear this being used in the soundtrack for a video game. I love the synth arpeggio line motif throughout the song. Strong string work as well. Very atmospheric and ambitious. I listened to a few more of your pieces on soundcloud. I really enjoyed translated to beauty. Your drum recording sounds really nice on this track and the guitar and piano work as well. This is another song that should definitely be in a tv show or movie/video game. You create a strong mood with your pieces. Future dawn is another strong track to me. You seem to have developed your soundtrack vibe a bit more than the EDM vibe and I think that's where your strength lies. I think you should be shopping these soundtrack pieces with licensing companies such as MusicDealers to get placements on tv. Keep it up! 

Michael Hunter

I imagine 'dramatic' and intense' would be two of the most obvious words to describe Cracked Diamonds, but it's also pleasing to note this doesn't at all preclude the notion of accessibility for the listener.  It can be all too easy for a composer, performer and/or producer to make music that suits their own ego to the exclusion of those who are meant to actually be listening to the work.  But here is a track that has clearly sprung from a creative, personal  place in the composer's mind but is still easy for the listener to digest in a satisfying way.  That is a handy line to be able to traverse.

While the track does have the deliberately cinematic feel as described, and its occasional spy-music influences are there to be heard, it still stands as its own piece of music.  The variations in intensity help keep interest as the instrumental progresses, and obviously the playing by all musicians is of the high quality to be expected.  Likewise, I found the production to be clear and precise, even when listening via the sometimes less than ideal medium of mp3.

Similarly, I was also very pleased that the dynamic range was allowed to breathe and be clear by not indulging in the unnecessary "loudness wars" that plague so many recordings these days!  

Yes, it could be film music or spy music - or it could just be a dynamically rich piece that succeeds in its intent to take the listener to a place they would be happy to go, while still retaining its musical substantiality.

Paulie Hips

Man, wasn't quite sure what to expect. Martin needs to already be gainfully employed by a Movie/Production Studio. As a musician, I know for a fact it has got to take an insane amount of patience to make this kind of stuff really well. So, Well done. I can definitely picture this behind ANY of my favorite movies, no matter the genre. It gets intense, sneaky, and intense again, it builds itself up and takes it back down. The strings are awesome, it adds to the mood changing as a whole. I am thoroughly impressed.

Pieter Winkelaar

Soundtrack music. Functional, but a tad boring. Needs visuals to work.

Nicholas Peltekakis

Well, I wasn't sure quite what to expect when playing this, as most of my submissions are dance music related. Personally, I love this piece of music. Full of drama and menace, the soundscape is engaging and emotional. This would fit very well into a film score or TV drama.

My field of work as I mentioned is dance music, so I cannot promote this for you as it simply does not fit into any of my promotional channels, but I will be following your work! Sorry I can't do more for you.

Abdul Karim Siraji

Great Title and Artwork.
Composition: Brilliant production and melody. 
Suggestion: I would suggest to have a breakdown somewhere halfway and then bring back the full sound.
Mix: I feel the Bass region is a bit muddy at portion and the details get hidden. 
Master: Great.

Charlie Ashcroft

It's refreshing to get sent something that feels so cinematic and rich. The strings and rhythm sections complement each other very well, and it's clear that this songwriter has a breakthrough composition on his hands. 

Maria Mouk

very cinematic and moving.  have you tried connecting with labels like 
(Sebastian Tellier's label)

I see that you already have some amount of success and publicity
doing scores for large films.
wonderful, not sure you need help? but thanks for sharing
will definitely enjoy within my Euro network and share 

Nikhil Shah

Wow this is epic music. Very well produced, got a great emotion to it. Look forward to hearing where this ends up. 

Bree Noble

Lovely composition and will produced. This would be great for a movie soundtrack.

Tom Matthew

This track is great. I love the "James Bond" vibe - there's definitely some drama induced by all the dynamics used. The cello work is outstanding, and combining it with the straight-up EDM beat definitely brings a modern flair to the work. Happy to help promote this.

D Grant Smith

Fascinating instrumental song that seems to be a moving piece set to film, potentially an espionage score or similar. Well composed and produced with an intriguing movement. I'm curious what other pieces are attached to this release and what film/TV scores are being shopped for it. The "James Bond Movie" angle is the most obvious suggestion, but any John le Carré adaptation (or similar) would be just as good.

SD Hox

This is the perfect track for a James Bond movie (and it is a great match for my Could Be Bond playlist: The world-class guest musicians on Superhuman, including Davey Johnstone, Leland Sklar and others, are quite impressive. Thanks for sharing this fantastic track. 

Brody Ramone

So, this track is pretty heavenly. A solid, well thought out composed instrumental. Production is pretty phenomenal as well. I could easily see this being featured in films and other scores for dance, figure skating competitions, commercials and etc. Instrumental tracks that allow the listener to create a story while listening to the track are some of my favs and this one certainly allowed me to do just that. Keep up the great work!

Alan Cross

Damn cool. I know some people in the TV production industry. Let me pass this around. These folks are looking for composers for both TV and film.

Andrea Young

My first thought, without reading your notes below, was that this is great music for film. Are you in touch with or represented by a music library that focuses on this type of cinematic music?  In touch with budding filmmakers who might like to feature your music in their films?  The style reminds me of Ennio Morricone or Yo Yo Ma's journeys into music exploration, but with more of an electronica focus.  I listened to this, 'Superhuman' and 'Wonder' (which I like best), looking for something that hooks me so that I want to listen over and over.  I like the overall concept very much, and would need to keep listening to understand how these compositions sit with me after a bit, they've got lots of depth to them, and this is like taking in a classical orchestral piece for me.  It's a great idea, and would be a fabulous live performance if you're so inclined, but you'll have to work it hard to get exposure for it.  Hope that is helpful in some way to you.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

“Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impressions we make on others". 
Sheryl Sanderberg, ‘Lean In’

Valida Carroll

Wonderful....I could hear this in the next Bond movie opening credits...or closing...It's cinematic and subtle at the same time...I love the dynamic range....Really beautifully executed.
It says in the description guest vox by Dee Clay Lewis? I didn't hear any vox...Did I miss them?
In any case, will definitely share...and would love an MP3?


Martin Tillman submitted media.

Wonder by Martin Tillman

Matt Mason

I liked this - was very catchy while staying true to the artist's stellar background performing on movie scores. I couldn't help but think a breakbeat version would be great - the 4/4 beat didn't hurt the track at all, but I found myself rearranging the break as I listened. 

Will be checking out the rest of the album - this painted a soundscape of a world I want to hear more of. Thanks!

The Dutch Guy

Wow! Perfectly arranged soundscape between electronic and organic instruments, that manages to grab and take you on a journey. Vangelis like? Especially if you listen with a good pair of head-cans... Goosebumps! Featuring on my indie music blog soon!

Cougar Microbes

The track could be labelled a grower as each subsequent listen reveals more details. 

I'm not entirely enamored with the basic beat that accompanies the track throughout. I understand this is a staple of the genre but with so much work being put into offering varied landscapes of instrumentation on the track, it's a shame to only vary  the beat for a short while round the 2:00 mark. 

The lead play between the keyboards and guitars throughout the intro is really pleasing and when the pacing drops around the 1:00 mark there is a real sense of build up and tension that is very cinematic, perhaps unsurprising given Martin's resume. 

While the track veers in a very trance direction it's core sounds could be exported into many areas of electronica and I would strongly suggest offering it up for remixing purposes. 

Needless to say, the cello is fabulous. 

Music You Need

"Wonder" by Martin Tillman is a beautifully orchestrated piece; opening up with strings and synths, we get a nice house bass kick about 30 seconds in, and shortly thereafter are introduced to a guitar riff. At a minute in, the bass line picks up and the beat takes you for a journey. At two minutes the song has transformed into a progressive house tune that is both mesmerizing and energetic. At 3 and a half minutes, we get a wonderful and eclectic breakdown that soothes the soul and carries the listener to another world. Great track overall, really enjoyed it!