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Why by Junior Rocket Scientist

Mike Mineo

Growing distortion and a bouncy bass line begin this tantalizing effort, immediately showing as excitingly likable with the vocal introduction 20 seconds in; the vocal tone nearly perfectly resembles the guitar tone that's reflecting the lead vocal melody, establishing a sense of cohesion that glides perfectly into the crunchy shoegaze-esque bridge just before the one-minute mark. The vocal approach and nod to '80s post-punk reminds me of Frankie Rose and TOPS' fiercer tracks. I'm also fond of the instrumental developments in the final minute or so, with a very effective mixture of distorted backings and effervescent guitar leads combining with the steadily hypnotic rhythm section for a truly convincing result; great work here. I'll be posting it on Obscure Sound in the near future. Reach out to me at if interested in success stories/rates regarding my digital PR servicing.

Leks Maltby

Junior Rocket Scientist lay down four minutes of Pixies-inspired indie rock on "Why," their standout latest offering. Starting with an almost industrial drum beat, the stripped down drum/bass interplay dominates the verses, with a wailing electric guitar lead rounding out the mix in the spirit of Joey Santiago. The vocals are likewise wailing, matching in the incendiary intensity of the guitar melody. All the while, the rock solid rhythm section remains unwavering, like an immovable rock in a torrential river. Musically, Junior Rocket Scientist are extremely tight and well versed in each of their respective instruments. From a songwriting and arranging perspective, the song suffers (albeit only slightly) from a lack of variation or substantial changes in dynamics within the song's expansive running time.

Going Solo

It's very interesting that you've been a synth-pop band before changing your musical offering. Probably from those times you kept the sense for melodies because, even in this dark, guitar-driven post-punk track, it's hidden a clear melody beneath all the guitar riffs and the hazy vocals. I've no particular complaints on this track: it's raw, it's fierce in its gait, it drags you down as a great post-punk song should do. So good job.. but why playing only a few shows? Bring your music to more people possibile should be a goal for you.  Playing live is vital for artists nowadays.

Thanks for sending this through. I'm sharing the track on our Twitter profile right now. I wish you the best for your career.

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