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Underground by The Interstellar Vessel

Liane Chan

This song has kind of a raw psych rock sound that  sounds like it's from a different time. I like the very distinct electronic sounds that remind me of old space shows from the 60's. The more I listen to it, the more I like it!

Mike Mineo

Very well-executed take on modern psych-rock, with traditional phaser-friendly guitars and nonchalant vocals combining with inventive use of sitar-like samples. The youthfully intense vocals combine well with this hypnotic assortment, with the "crashing down" bridge around 01:45 being a very innovative and success interlude of sorts that showcases The Interstellar Vessel's more electronic-leaning abilities. When the guitar kicks back in, it's another reminder of this group's potential. I'm reminded very favorably of Supergrass when I listen to this - songwriting smarts combined with appreciation for both alt-rock and psych of the past and present. Excellent work. I'll be posting it on Obscure Sound in the near future. Reach out to me at if interested in success stories/rates regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks for the submission -Mike

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