Ashley Saint Lane

Ashley Saint Lane

Ashley Saint Lane

we create indie/dream pop/experimental music and search for beauty in the world - come join us!
A transatlantic friendship blossomed into a band that creates indie/dream pop/experimental music.
Richmond, Spain, NYC

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Divine Stillness by Lovers on the Edge

Brody Ramone

Production value is spot on. The track starts out with a nice little post punk vibe to it, which I really dig. The vocals are good, however I think the backing vocals are a little distracting. I would suggest perhaps lowering them in the mix just a tad. Good track, keep up the good work!

Chelsea Schwartz

Melodically this track immediately grabbed me with it's rough/edgy/dark wave vibe. Female vocals aren't usually my cup of tea but the singer here has mystique in her delivery that works for the track. Very niche market for this genre - definitely try reaching out to dark wave disco communities via tactics like Facebook ads targeted to fans of She Wants Revenge, Interpol, Dark Wave, etc.

Mike Mineo

Darkly reverberating guitars, a ghostly vocal accompaniment, and chilly subtle synth-pop adornments immediately set up "Divine Stillness" as an atmospheric charger, enhanced even more so by the effervescent guitar additions and hook-laden vocal twist right around the one-minute mark. "Just holding you in time was enough" - longing lyrics like this, combined with the trickling guitars and prickly synth touch, makes for a very emotionally successful sound that hooks me very uniquely - very nice work on all fronts: vocals, guitar work, synth subtlety, and general production. Very impressed, without any faults to be heard. I'll be posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Reach out to me at if interested in success stories/rates regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks for the submission -Mike