Noah T

Noah T

Noah T

Musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Composer for the movie Home, James.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Runaway by Noah T

Andrea Young

The handclaps take it from being a very pretty and mellow guitar and keyboard composition to an eclectic track with character.  Send a high quality mp3 to and I'll include it on playlists and shows.  I'd love to hear the theme developed and structured further, but its got much charm the way it is, and I can hear it on the radio ;)  
Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

“Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impressions we make on others". 
Sheryl Sanderberg, ‘Lean In’

Darryl Sherman

Heavy wind gusts of motion descending rhythmically onto a palette of guitar bliss. Simple but alive with a consistent movement that resembles a locomotive billowing above the clouds. Beautiful tone work with a bit of southern flare to add to the mix. Love the warmth but I'm not sure if I'm listening to an 808 or a room mic. I would love hear you explore more bass tones and real world environments. A Pleasant listen.

Angela Moore

Thoroughly enjoyed the guitar, I found it a calm and mellow piece of music. The type of music I associate with relaxing or letting my mind wonder if I am having a spa treatment.  For the first minute I found the 'tapping' of the rain a little distracting but as the piece of music progressed I no longer noticed it in an obvious way it became part of the music.

Stacie Wyatt

it had a weird beat at first. it was one particular note I kept hearing over and over again, which didn' t sit right with me. I listened to it again and I liked the beat. it was a calming instrumental song. 

Patrice Callender

I like it. It's ambient and not to heavy. Would be perfect for working from home when I need music that keeps me entertained but doesn't distract me. The Guitar is lovely and rich and the drums sound full. 

Maggie Murphy

well named. feels like great background music. curious to hear where you go from here 

Carlton Boyd

Overall, I think it's a great track. It's very peaceful and sort of reminds me of Patrick o'hearn's music (this is a compliment). I'd be very interested in hearing more music from you. 

Jocelin Leige

I like ut, it's gentle and soothing. I could play this for my daughter when she comes home. It'll help her get use to the different environment from the hospital better.  Might can put her to sleep if she becomes fussy for no apparent reason. Great work, I enjoyed it.

Martin Bryant

A very relaxing, chilled-out track that would suit a calm Sunday afternoon. The production is well done and it has a cosy but not cloying feel. In terms of structure, I feel it would be better if the track had more variation. It feels essentially like a loop right now. Some variation in texture and a key change would help make the overall listening experience richer. At that point I could imagine it approaching a Durutti Column type sound, which would be an interesting direction to take.

Keta Myers

Good instrumental. The sound is calming and relaxing. Thanks!

Sean Gavin

Hey man. This is crazy smooth. I almost fell asleep listening to this haha. I really like this. I suggest trying to get films to use this song for certain scenes. Also reach out to some YouTube pages that would help share. Definitely share on Twitter and Facebook and maybe reach out to some talent agencies. Like I said this is really good and I see it taking you somewhere. Best of luck!

D Grant Smith

Interesting mix. A little rough on the first few bars then everything comes together more fluidly. The drum track almost sounds like a scratch track at the beginning. Perhaps bring it in a little further into the song as the electric guitar starts to add more dynamic.
Nice acoustic meets synth mix for a softer bed track. Good fit for bed transitions on public radio or soft house music.

Going Solo

Really digging into this tune. At first I thought it would have turned into a folk son, but then I dived into the soft vibe of this composition. It's a sort of mix of Foxes In Fiction, the output of Orchid Tapes' founder Warren Hildebrand, and Explosions In The Sky (in a very very stripped down version and stripped of all the post-rock progressions).  Have you already started to work on the promotion of your music? If you can't afford a publicist, harm yourself with patience and go through HypeMachine to check out which blogs could fit to your sound and write to them. It will help.

I'm sharing this through our Twitter account. Thanks for the submission and good luck!

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