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Jeff Baron

Jeff Baron

The music ministry of Simply Real is a branch of Remnant Ministries which was formed in 1985 as a youth/college ministry. It originally involved evangelistic preaching and the music ministry of the band Remnant. In 1991, God broadened the scope and responsibility of the ministry to include regular in-depth Bible studies to encourage a lifestyle of true Christian discipleship.

In the mid ‘90’s, Remnant Ministries incorporated as a 501c3 charitable organization and changed the name of the band to Real. Soon after, Real signed with an independent recording label out of Nashville Tennessee and began recording the project now known as Trace Green. The name “Real” was then put to the test. The band was confronted with multiple opportunities to compromise spiritually and to engage in outright dishonesty.

Choosing conviction over compromise, the band walked away from the opportunity in a mutual parting of the ways with the label. This created a rift within the band, causing its dissolution.

Committed to the call of God, those who remained with Remnant Ministries continued the ministry of discipleship. Led by the Lord, the music group’s name was changed one last time to Simply Real and in 2002 produced the live recording Blue.

Since then, Jeff and Scott have continued to minister as Simply Real, recording Undone (2006) and The Road Home (2015.) Jeff has also written two books produced by Remnant Ministries – Asking for the Ancient Path and After God’s own Heart. The staff at Remnant Ministries is available for book discussions, Bible studies and other speaking engagements.
Longview, TX

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Changed by Simply Real

Vickye Fisher

This is really well-produced, to a Music Row, mainstream radio level standard. I love the instrumentation, especially the mandolin solo, and I like how you've given more room for instrumentation in between vocal sections so you're not rushing through the song. Especially since the tempo is quite fast and the lyrics tumble out at a quick pace. The sound and vibe really fit the lyrics as a kiss-off; it's sassy, foot-stomping, and would go down really well live. The vocals are not the best I've ever heard, but they're decent enough. I think this is a great song to get your promotional efforts behind.

Jeff Baron submitted media.

Just To Know You by Simply Real

Jeffrey Totey

This song is instantly catchy and uplifting. Really enjoyed the bluegrass mixed with the contemporary. If the singers were "twangy" it wouldn't have worked. The band could easily be mistaken for Need to Breath.

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