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Germany, norddeutsche Tiefebene

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Arielle J.

I really appreciate the context you provided for this song because it really helped me to appreciate the dark, almost haunting nature of this track. I think this is really strong and I would love to hear the rest of the album because while I'm having a hard time picturing this song playing in a live music setting (due to how slow it is), there's so much potential here and I'm genuinely very curious if you have any work that's of a higher BPM because I think this sound could translate really well to something more upbeat as well. Great job!

Leks Maltby

On "Menschenskinder", pioneering electronic artist electroHippie lays down six minutes of minimalist German electro that is surprisingly complex given the initial appearance of musical simplicity. What begins as a simple unaccompanied synth melody gradually evolves into several complimentary and uniquely distinct synth parts, complete with spoken word German narrative for dramatic effect. While the translation is lost on North American audiences, the vocal component nonetheless serves as a rhythmic component to the song, adding a much needed cadence to the otherwise minimalist drum machine beat. While a basic understanding of German would no doubt add additional layers of meaning and complexity to the song, the instrumental portions paint a thoroughly vivid picture of progressive electro music in the year 2016. 

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