Adam Saxe

Adam Saxe

Adam Saxe

Pop-Soul Artist
Nashville, Tn.

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Virus by Adam Saxe

Jen Dan

Hi Adam!  I am diggin' your smooth, but heartfelt soul-pop tune!!  From listening to this one song, I'd say you're a class act with mass market appeal, in the vein of a Michael Buble, but exuding a calmer vibe.  I hope you don't mind the comparison, but some of your phrasing does sound Buble-like, and I mean that as a compliment.
I'm enjoying the all the different keyboard sounds that you include on "Virus", from the soft opening lines to the slightly reverberating, bubbly notes that form later on.  Very interesting contrast between the gentle keyboards and the sharper, brighter horn accents.  And you've got a cool groove going on with the crisp drum beat added to the mix.
The overall smooth and subdued vocal and instrumental delivery of the song and the choice of instrumentation give "Virus" a polished, cosmopolitan feel that's very pleasing and elegant.
I like how your emotions change over the course of the song, where at times you're more cool and direct, like when you intone "She convinces me to open my heart", and at others you're in turmoil, like when you exclaim "She's infected me to my core."  Eye-catching imagery to go along with your appealing lyrics.
As far as promotion goes, my advice to you is to contact and submit your music to music sites and individual writers who promote the pop/soul/RnB genres.  You can also tweet about your tunes and post messages at various Facebook Groups.  Build up your social profile (Instagram and other sites), even if it isn't all about your music, so people can find out more about you.  You probably know about all this already, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents.  :)
That's so awesome that you've had the experience of performing on tour with Jamie Lynn Spears.  Try to use whatever connections you have to get more ears on your music.  I wish you all the best in your musical endeavors.  :D

D Grant Smith

Love the jazz meets EDM music meshed well with a modern day Rat Pack sound. Great track, and makes me want to dive into the full album, which I hope you'll send my way for feature on The Appetizer Radio Show.