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Dashal Beevers

I have travelled the world and had numerous amazing and challenging life experiences. I left the school system aged 14 unable to read and write properly, only to be diagnosed with Dyslexia many years’ later. I am a determined character and have a highly creative mind. I have managed to realise several business ideas and have a great passion for creative marketing and business development. I am a co-owner and head of A&R, promotions and events for Pure Mint Recordings, an independent record label. I also founded the music collective Inspired and worked on several elements of our current release, John's Song ft. Dr John Demartini. I also co-founded iCrypto, a Digital Currency ATM Company. I have an intuitive ability for getting the best out of people and am adept at building teams of people that just work. Through my passion for travel and forging new, positive connections I have time and time again managed to create mutually beneficial business relationships with incredible results, such as the latest example for PiPA Solutions Ltd where I have helped build the core team - PiPA Solutions Ltd is a biometric authentication business.

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Music You Need

Inspired and John DeMartini give us an inspirational message in this amazing video. Showing us beautiful feats and moments in human experience, we are uplifted and carried away to a place of gratitude and love. The words of "John's Song" tell us to love ourselves and to share that love with others. Be able to say "Wow" when you look in the mirror. I'm paraphrasing because the message is so touching. Please watch this video and pass it along. Thank you very much for sharing <3

Raymond Flotat

Good song. Honestly, the most confusing part about this one is who the artist particularly is. Is John's Song the band behind this sampling Dr. Demartini? Is it the Dr. himself that made this song using his own speech? Not a huge deal truly, but found myself unsure even after reading all the notes below.

Song itself is good, and I like the values/opinions it's expressing about loving yourself/believing in yourself. It's a good message. The musical backdrop for the speech works as a whole. My only note would be the lyrics in the chorus. "Love is love is love," just feels not quite right. Not so much that it's unfinished, but it just doesn't ring out as a solid point, statement for aphorism. Would suggest trying a few different lyrical choices there. Good song otherwise! 

Kami Knake

Great production and video and inspirational message! I wanted it twice. I don't see it as a song I'd playlist but it's great on YouTube and for charities and organizations spreading love and values.

Alan Cross

Inspiring stuff with a powerful message. Question: where do you see it fitting within today's music landscape? This isn't the sort of thing commercial radio would be interested in (sadly), 

I see this more as a viral campaign, something that might get picked up by various organizations looking to motivate their membership or constituencies. Youth groups, for example. Some motivational speakers (including sectarian ones) might find this useful.

The trick is to get the word out on this. Social media is your best friend, I think.

Justin Goodwin

I think that the positive message in this record can reach millions of people. I love the instrumentation and chorus.  I believe Dr John DeMartini delivers a great message, however there is too much focus on what he is saying rather than on the chorus itself. The chorus should be the focus on this record. Its strong and catchy. Not really a radio record, but I can hear this song being played in movies and commercials. Other than that I like what I hear and appreciate the fact that you are choosing to push culture forward by connecting people through music and love. 

D Grant Smith

Great motivational song and video. Very encouraging words from Dr. John Demartini, with a strong chorus on gratitude and love. Very powerful stuff here. I love the diversity in the video too, which is not as common as it should be. Definitely worth sharing to inspire greatness in others!

Indie Band Guru

Great message and energy to the song.  The use of Dr. Demartini's words will draw the listener into the music and create an attitude of gratitude.  it did for me.  The video works well to share the message as well and should get some social traction.

Cougar Microbes

A lovely upbeat sentiment transpires in the track which made me listen to it a few times on repeat with my morning coffee. 

Arrangement wise it reminds me a little of the Oasis track "All Around The World" with a similar major chord progression on the chorus that is easy to repeat and hum along to. 

Lyrically the spoken word parts were also a hark back to Baz Luhrmann's Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen from the late 90's, in theme if not anything else. With the rest falling somewhere in the territory of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros epic debut album (Om Nashi Me)

The video (which i presume is found footage) is a perfect companion piece with some great themes touched upon 

Overall this is a great and enjoyable listen. I would recommend releasing a shortened "radio" version of the track to target those industry folk who may not feel the whole  minutes

Going Solo

A modern charity anthem. Reminiscent of Lennon's work can be distinctly heard alongside with tons of references to 80s alt-pop music. Soulful, I've to recognize that. Musically not exactly my cup of tea, nonetheless the intentions are so good that I'm feeling positive anyway. I'm sharing this through your Twitter account. 

Thanks for the submission. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

I love the intention of this video. It is noble without being preachy. Thank you for sending it to me. What are you looking to do with it? Are you building a body of music work or multi-media? The message sounds like it's a bit cultish, but it feels so good. I like the imagery and random crop of images and motion film. I'd like to know more about the brand you are trying to build so I can help you connect the dots and find more people who may be interested.

Hugh McIntyre

This is great. Everything about this tells me that there are likely a lot of people out there that would love this--especially people in advertising. This belongs in a Coca-Cola ad or something.

Brian Hazard

The vocals are a little soft, especially considering the purpose and message of the song. I hear the spoken stuff just fine though. Anyway, you're looking for help promoting, not feedback, so I'll lay off the mix advice!

Well, I'm feeling inspired, which is the point I suppose! I'll share it with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Andrea Young

Much to like here. Such a positive and authentic  message.  Re the track being used ‘to support many charities that help people discover their mission or get back on track’ – it does that!  The message vocalized by Inspired ft Dr Demartini is strong, powerful, clear and spoke directly to me.  Production wise, I would like to hear a more high quality mix and mastering process, and possibly even a more contemporized sound.  The spelling of G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E is a bit corny honestly.  Not sure what I can do, but I’d love to have a high quality mp3 of it to possibly include on playlists and shows, please send to andrea@aspenbeat.com.  Thanks very much for your submission, I am grateful to be able to listen and give feedback on it.  

Valida Carroll

I absolutely love everything about this.
Sharing this with the world.

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