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Jupiter Way
Jupiter Way is a U.K blues-rock band formed in London in late 2015. The band's raw sound draws heavily from 60’s and 70’s classic rock/soul bands such as Led Zeppelin or Creedence. The group started as an independent act with the release of their debut E.P "Catch Fire".

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Trouble Is Mine by Jupiter Way

Leks Maltby

On "Trouble Is Mine" by Jupiter Way, the band lay down four minutes of booze-soaked blues rock in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and The Black Keys, effectively fusing old and new musical influences seamlessly. Musically built around a single repeating blues riff, the vocals are impassioned and soulful. Explosively dynamic, the guitar solo in the song's midsection is incendiary and riveting, effectively breaking up the monotony of the lead guitar melody. While the blues is inherently based on repetition, Jupiter Way manage to breathe new life into the genre and find new dynamics where so many previous have failed.

Alan Cross

This is the kind of bluesy, sludgy stuff that does my heart some good. (I'm currently into the Sheepdogs, Temperance Movement, Reignwolf and so on.) After too many years of woe-is-me introspective down-tempo alt-pop, I'm hoping the world will once again grab some guitars and turn them up loud.)

I do have some industry people to whom I'll recommend this. I'll give it a post on my own website, too.

Jullian Vuitton submitted media.

Andrea Young

Hard working straight ahead rock n roll is some of my favorite kind of rock and roll,and that's what I'd call this. The driving beat reminds me of AC/DC.  I'd like to hear the vocals way  more prominent, I want to turn up the volume on them constantly while listening!  The video is great in that I feel like I really got a flavor for the band from it.  Would like to know what the song is about (lyrics). The track makes me think it would be great to hear you all play live, are you doing that?   As far as recommending people who may like your work and help you spread the word, first suggestion would be to play live as much as possible, that's where your fans and promoters will come from.  I've got further suggestions, but they depend on geography and budget. If interested in continuing the conversation get in touch.  Send a high quality mp3 to me at andrea@aspenbeat.com and I'll include on shows and playlists as possible.  Thanks very much for your submission, good luck with your music!

Black CaesarX

Wow this really had a great beat great presentation music was really live loved it immensely couldn't wait thought it wasn't over it still wanted to hear more. I think you got a hot great tune here wouldn't change a thing it's really rock and rockin on out thanks a lot for submitting this one

Amazing Artists

I'd say it's a cross between early Rolling Stones and Doors.

Suggest you target the UK, they love blues rock. Also an older demographic would be a great target for you, as they're still buying CDs and this is such a vintage sound.

Chris Heintz

Thanks for reaching out and submitting guys. To start out the mix on the music sounds good. Nice space frequency wise between all of the elements and everything sounds crisp, clear and wide. There is solid musicianship shown within the track itself and the arrangement keeps things pushing along well. I'm definitely getting a kind of 70's rock throwback thing here with some Doors influences especially within the vocal.  I do hear some CCR as well yes. I think the lead has a good tone and a delivers a what I call "believable" performance. What's lacking for me is a great song though. Lyrically it's just OK and the "Catch Fire" concept is just a bit out dated/done before). The record sounds like it could be from any other band that is grabbing back to this era to me also. I feel like there is a space for this sound today, but it has to be something really special when it comes to the songs. A good song is a good song is a good song. Without that there's nothing. The last thing I want to say is if you're asking someone else how to describe your music that is an issue within itself. You guys as a band need to know your brand/demographic/sound etc. so that you know who to promote your music to at the end of the day. I'm not sure if that's why you were asking though. 

Overall for me right now I feel like I could walk into any bar in the midwest/south of the US and hear this sound. It's all about standing out. Thanks guys. 

Leks Maltby

Jupiter Way dust off their amps and electric guitars on "Catch Fire," a classic rock-tinged jam that recalls 90's era Canadian legends The Tragically Hip. Other contemporary points of reference include bands like The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, but if you follow all of these veins back to CCR you'd have a pretty bang-on approximation of the musical DNA that comprises Jupiter Way. What elevates this song beyond mere blues-bar rock is the sheer conviction and grit with which the vocalist spits out the song's instantly memorable refrain. No doubt a song that is soon to "Catch Fire", be sure to keep all combustible materials out of reach when getting down to this rocker.

Matthew Linsky

Dayum! Great riff there. It's rare to hear something that captures that classic sound without being too cheeseball about it. 

The song form is great and the vibe is 100% happening - lyrics are on point. Real talk: I love everything except for the vocal performance. Don't get me wrong, the vox are alright, but they're missing that extra level of dynamics that makes rock n roll pop off into the stratosphere. Go wild a little bit. Show off your range a bit more. Like, I get it if you're going for the whole "nonchalant badass" thing, but it's falling flat (figuratively and literally)

Still, the vox are ok. I'd def be interested in hearing more.

Alan Cross

You may be ready to ride a new wave of bluesy, rocky music. I mean, how much longer can we handle groups who play ukuleles?

Temperance Union is a good comparison, although I hear a slight country twang in the arrangement. This song (with slightly different arrangement) could work at the harder end of Bro Country, but I expect that's not where you want to live.

Instead, go with a Stones/Skynyrd/Bad Company hybrid. Modern blues rock, you know?

I'm going to send your video to someone at Universal who deals with Temperance Union and Vintage Trouble. His name is Ivar Hamilton (ivar.hamilton@umusic.com)

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and the accompanying basic, yet effective music video that shows your a no frills, classic rock band. The song has a great hook, solid tone and is short and sweet, leaving the listener interested in hearing more. I think you described the music perfectly and honestly and would stick to that approach.  From a promo standpoint, I would update your youtube video so the band name is listed first then the song title as this is the standard approach and otherwise it's a bit confusing as to what the band name is. Also include a link to your official site or to buy music in the video description above the "show more" section. You guys seem to be a new band who is already creating some opportunities, so keep at it and hopefully it pays off! 

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