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Be mine by Innerbeats

Andrea Young

Nicely done dance/house track.  I don't know I really have a place for it, but send a high quality mp3 to and I'll see where it might be a fit.  If you are DJ'ing and working the clubs,  I'd think you're getting a good response on this, and dance parties/clubs would be a great way to grow your audience and fanbase for your tracks.  Video is first rate and highly entertaining, really enjoyed watching it the multiple times I listened to the track.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Jeremy Davis

Good video. Song sounds good sonically, maybe a little variation on the melodies for the next few. Good tone on the vocals. Love the overall feel of the melody, especially on the lead up.
This track, while not entirely big room, or or techno, is one of his more upbeat and positive sounding  tracks yet and also brings a bass that grinds like an electro track.
We can chat more as far as promotion

Sean Gavin

Hey man. Definitely not my kind of genre but this is very cool. I could see this being played in the movie Party X during one of the scenes haha. I suggest finding websites that promote this type of music and contacting them. Share this on SoundCloud as well. Also send this to college kids! They can really help get you exposure. Best of luck!

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