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Eter & The Soul Company
I can't precisely determine when this contagion with music began. It seems to me it's been here from the first moment since I became aware of myself. Maybe I was infected even before this moment but there are no reliable witnesses. Anyhow, I was asked to put down some words about this band and music, but be aware that these are the words of incurable man with a  lifetime infected by music. And nobody and nothing will unhook me from this addiction, fortunately.

From the beginning I have had a shadow colored with solitude and instead of satisfaction that I survived, I reached for more. That's my curse. So what can you do when there's no one to understand? Nothing except find yourself a way out - for me it was music, and still is. 

I don't write about contented people, I don't give a shit about them. I write about fragile, lost and misunderstood men who are too weak to survive and too strong to die. They are my fellow-fighters and my kin, in life and music. 

And there it is, my music and my music companions in the story named Eter & The Soul Company.There is nothin' much to say but there's much more to play. So long fellows,  I hope to see you somewhere on tour, or any other place where good music and good people are gathered. 

Mr. Eter
music professional, music producer, music production / mastering
indie rock, rock

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Eter The Soul Company submitted media.

D Grant Smith

A fun, lively tune that should be a good listen. However, 1 min teasers are hard to tell if the whole track will fulfill the first taste. Why not submit the whole track or give me more to work with? It seems like almost a wasted effort in getting potentially great music out that is just a tiny teaser. Where's the full track?

Black CaesarX

Great job in sound quality of all the instruments. Although a rather short sample of song it should make a good Country Music Rock crossover hit. Nothing I would change here has the right appeal and formula.

I will tweet this out, for more in depth promotion and appearance on our interactive Video chat show like we did with "BlackCaesar's Stone Soup 12/12 S1E4 Feat @byDavidRosen HD" and would hope for a better audio like your recording Lol. email:

Arielle J.

I liked this clip a lot, I thought it was very catchy. I definitely see this appealing to an older crowd (50+). While I understand the point of the intro video, I found it distracting - I would have preferred to see either just one static photo or something that actually related to the song, it would have kept me more focused on the track. I'm a bit indifferent to the backup vocals, both the female voices and the deep, bass-like voice that comes in once or twice. Overall, upbeat and fun.

Leks Maltby

On "Let's Make Love," Eter and The Soul Company channel some seriously classic soul and big band sounds to create a sound that is entirely their own. Like a nostalgic look back at an era gone by, "Let's Make Love" reminds us that all that is old can indeed be new again. The level of musicianship is of the absolute highest caliber, and the guitar playing alone will leave you breathless. Definitely not a track to be missed!