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Alessio Casalini

Alessio Casalini

BARK - Band member
From Italy to Ukraine and settled in NYC. BARK is Alessio Casalini (guitars, synths and programming) and Alexey Artemov (drums, percussion and programming). The duo came to life in 2014 drawing on various influences, love to intricate arrangements and experimentation. The first EP “Bark”, released in 2016 is a collection of 7 tracks each with a voice of its own. 
Each song is a collaborative effort featuring various singer-songwriters (including Amy Vachal – finalist on the show "The Voice", Season 9), talented musicians and composers. EP release included 2 music videos:

“Home (feat. Talibah Safiya)”: 
 “38 (feat. Allan Rand)”: 

“The Liar (feat. Aidan Flores-Hall)” was released in 2017, followed by live shows in NYC area. Most of 2017 spent in the studio working on new music and music videos. 
A new single and accompanying music video - “Cold and Silent (feat. Krystal Hawes)” released on February 9, 2018 at MonaLiza studios in NYC during NYFW. 

“Cold and Silent (feat. Krystal Hawes)”:

“Cold and Silent” Remixes EP was released April 10th:
A collaboration with Italian electronic project Okland and producer Loris Massera.

The new single “Gridlines” (feat. Melinda Camille) - -  is out now! Will be followed by a music video and the new EP!

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Some Press:
Dark Beauty Magazine
“They are the soundtrack to our dreams and what musicians aspire to be…”

Mystic Sons
“The US duo mix post-rock with trip-hop on dark and brooding beats”

Obscure Sounds
“Nocturnal and unsettling…”

We Are The Guard
“…unsettling vibe driven by a dark eerie vocal that seems perfectly fitting for an equally unsettling visuals”

A&R Factory:
“Dark-wave Art-rock at its finest”

Howl & Echoes
“The production is beyond slick, touching so many of your aural buttons all at once”

Music Emissions
“Experimental in a way in which few artists would attempt today in a musical landscape dominated by pulp pap pop of the lowest common denominator”

Recent Submissions

Alessio Casalini submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey BARK!  It's nice to finally get a submission that we like and can do something with!  I'll instruct for this to be included in our Best of Indie Pop post...might have to wait for next Wednesday but wanted to say nice work on this  video and the song is really cool too!   I love that breaks section / change of pace 2/3rds of the way through.  

Jen Dan

Hello Alessio and Alexey!  Wow, what a cool track and eerie video!  Super job on the cutting edge, story-telling mini-movie and your music fits perfectly with the unwinding of the plot line.  Well, I guess it's vice versa, and the video rundown was filmed and edited to fit the song.  Either way, its a mesmerizing and immersive cinematic experience.
I love how "Cold and Silent" starts off with spare instrumentation and an ominous atmosphere brightened by lighter guitar and electronics.
Krystal Hawes' yearning, slightly anxious vocal tone goes just right with the video's theme, which is a cross between the set-up of the film Ex-Machina and a detective novel turned upside down.
What a super reveal in the video near its end, and the shift to full-blown sonics in the song, as it whips up with restlessly buzzing electronics and an agitated beat.
I don't want to give away the plot of the video, but it is a must-see.  Bravo!

Pieter Winkelaar

Great song and very nice video. Loved the drum%bass influences at the end. More of that please!

Mike Mineo

The soundscape to this track and nocturnal and unsettling, beginning with ominous, industrial synths that buzz inward, with jagged vocals adding a chilly, icy exterior. Twangy guitars add a bit of serenity around 01:30, with audible enhancement shortly thereafter as buzzing synths and amped-up percussion show more prominence. Synth-laden bridge at 02:15 is infectious and provides some nice structural variation. Increased distortion in guitars as track reaches conclusion adds to the fun, climatic allure. This is a well-done track aesthetically and atmospherically, able to pique my interest from the get-go with its atmosphere and intriguing music video. Thanks for the submission! I look forward to sharing via OS. Since you marked down needing help with promotion, feel free to send me an email at for my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks! -Mike