Alex Walter

Alex Walter

Alex Walter

The Outer Seasons
The Outer Seasons play pop music properly.
The Kent based quintet provide an alternative to the alternative. It's pop played heavier, rock and roll yet a little bit not. It's a little bit different.
Kent, UK

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One of the Same by The Outer Seasons

Reji B

I like this record. Commercial appeal. Reminds me of The Editors. 

Martin Bryant

While it's not the kind of this I'd usually listen to, I found it a wistfully uplifting song. Production-wise, I thought the drums and and guitar complemented each other well, and the whole package works well together. If I have anything critical to add, it's that it felt lacking in 'something' to really keep the listener hooked – the production and the song itself stayed pretty 'flat' in terms of an interest graph throughout. Some changes in instrumentation, some subtle use of effects for variation etc could help lift this song up further (and uplift the listener even more!).

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