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Vickye Fisher

It's a sweet song with a lovely narrative. Sometimes the lyrics are a little clunky when squeezed into the phrasing, but otherwise it works well. The production/arrangement is quite serene, while nice it might benefit from more depth, such as heavier drums, bass, and more definition in the instrumentation. Perhaps use less reverb?
The vocals are not outstanding, but they do their job.
Overall I think this is a good effort with a heartwarming message.

Andrea Young

Very thoughtfully and nicely done, and emotionally engaging on a very personal level.  I'm not sure I can find any commercial place for it, but I love the sentiment of it, and musically, it has good song structure, production and arrangement for its genre, and the vocals are well done and have a down home singer/songwriter country style that works with the song very well. It's a wonderful homage!  If you've got other tunes not as specifically personal, send something else along.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Eric mcLellan

I like the message and family history background element involved in the song.  It's a bit personal and my concern is that it might not quite relate to the masses with some of those more personal lyrics.  This song is probably best suited for film or tv.  Maybe an indie film is looking for something like this to match their story.  I would start there.  

Very positive and encouraging message.  Visual is cool and a nice family memento for sure.   I'm sure your family is proud of this.  I would be.

Good work.

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