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Christel Longo

Christel Longo

Rocking Festival stages across the U.S., Midori provides a fresh twist to the Rock genre with driving drums, eccentric guitar riffs, and powerful lead vocals.
Bay Area CA

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Killing Me by Midori and Ezra Boy

Andrea Young

Crazy energy on this one, and its more of a jam for me.  I prefer 'Burned' but this is just as worthy.  The raw talent of all the band members comes through no matter what you all do.  More great rocking energy, and continues to remind me so much of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, you all are filling that 'void of female-fronted rockers in today’s rock world', so near and dear to my heart.  Thanks for your music and your submissions!

Matthew Linsky

The vox could use an extra pass in the mastering room. The performance is there, but the production isn't.

That being said, the song is solid. Really like the pre-chorus here - it builds tension in a really enjoyable way. The overall vibe is fun, but I think you could do a better job with this one by re-recording it. As much as I love screaming electric guitars, they take the focus away from the song here, especially the ascending wide-interval arpeggios in the breaks. Also, the solo - as badass as it is - isn't really "in tune" with the rest of the vibe. Kills me to say it, cause the guitar work by itself is fuckin' rad. 

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the guitarist on this record is also the producer, but hey, what do I know?

Christel Longo submitted media.

Burned by Midori and Ezra Boy

Andrea Young

Send a high quality mp3 so I can include on playlists and shows.  Great rocking energy both from the vocals and the band, you all have it dialed in together.  Hope you are touring, touring, touring and doing more touring to get yourselves out there, and, using every strategy to promote yourselves and your music.  Reminds me much of Pat Benatar, and you all are totally worthy of  filling that 'void of female-fronted rockers in today’s rock world'.   Keep rocking it!  Let me know if you would like to strategize or talk about promotion further.  Thanks for your submissions!

Indie Band Guru

The female vocals are definitely strong and the highlight here.  The music is a little too derivative of the mainstream pop sound to make a real splash in my opinion.  There is a lot going on but it gets jumbled at times.  Try to bring in a little more originality and you will have a hit because the parts are there you just have to put them all together.  

Leks Maltby

On Midori and Ezra Boy's latest offering, the hard-rocking "Burned", the female-fronted group unleash four minutes of classic rock fury upon their fans, recalling acts as disparate as Joan Jett and Courtney Love within the course of the song. The song roars by at a steady pace, falling back on the tried and true quiet-loud-quiet dynamic that served so many 90's acts well during that decade. Nonetheless, the raw passion in the vocal delivery harkens back to the earliest days of female-fronted rock groups, proving that the true strength of Midori and Ezra Boy's work is their ability to draw upon the breadth of their musical influences and employ them to their full potential.

Christel Longo submitted media.

So What by Midori and Ezra Boy

Matthew Linsky

Like the classic rock vibes. Bread and butter riffs, four on the floor, that shit never goes out of style.

The vox are strong, especially in the dynamic moments, but you might be better served picking and choosing those peak moments more carefully. In other words, the more epic stuff you do, the less epic each individual thing seems. Create dynamic floors and a mean, then pick your moment to explode with caution and care (nothing wrong with saving the best shit for the chorus)

Like the guitar solo, like the song. It's good listening. Send me more.

Hugh McIntyre

This was pretty well done. Love a good rock track!

Disco Naïveté

This is an okay song. Clear and good chorus, strong vocal, solid song structure. It however doesn't really grab me - it tries to be really loud so it gets all the attention in the room but it's that exact same loudness (and not the music) that is taking over the room.

Also be sure to target the right audience for your song (at least when trying to get the right people's attention) - I am in first instance a lover of pop (and not rock/guitar) music and therefore not a perfect fit when it comes to covering your song / giving you the 'tastemaker quote' you're aiming for.

Ari Herstand

Fun throwback 80s sound. The opening guitar part is quite a nod to Van Halen's "Jump." 

Strong performances all around. Good mix. Love Midori's vocals. Very polished production. Excellent tones (drums, guitars, bass) all around. Great song. Love the "so what" anthem. 

Have you thought about learning a bunch of 80s songs, marketing yourself as an 80s tribute band and then mixing in your originals and selling your original CDs directly to these crowds and building up an email list? The audience you would attract would be your target demographic. Eventually, once you've built up enough email subscribers and fans within various markets you could play original shows which would be all out parties to your original music with a few 80s favorites mixed in. 

This isn't as much of a modern rock sound as much as a polished 80s rock sound with a contemporary mix and sheen. I don't hear any production (or songwriting) techniques or elements that contemporary artists use. The guitar tones have modern rock beef, but the parts feel like they're straight out of the 80s. It's not a bad thing. I love it! But you want to be realistic about how you market this and who your audience is.

There's definitely a market for this, but you have to target your niche very specifically and strategically. This doesn't work on contemporary radio or on bills with contemporary pop/rock bands. 

Best of luck!

Please include lyrics with your submission. 

Andrea Young

I like the AOR rock sound of this.  But its not radio friendly due to the explicit lyrics, and they'd be tough to change, they're an integral part of the songwriting.  Vocals right good with the sound!  Would love to hear something I might be able to include in shows and playlists.  There aren't enough female fronted rockers in this world!!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

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