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Neptune by zircon

Brett Napoli

Really enjoying the tribal feel on "Neptune". The hand percussion works well with the growling bass lines and chopped vocal samples. It has a really dynamic sound, moving quickly from the intro to the drop to the break and back into the thick of things. Reposted via our SoundCloud channel!

Mike Mineo

"Neptune" touts a very slick beginning -- a vocal sample is melodically stretched out to give cohesive way to windchime-esque keys and a lush piano. The lead-in around 00:40 allows the percussion to slide in seamlessly as well, setting a great mark for all these elements to collide - the distorted vocal sample, synth/keys, piano, and vibrant percussion all make for a fantastic sound. The trap-inspired drums prove to be a good choice, while the effervescent vocal sample chip-chopping reminds me fondly of Balaeric beat-inspired contemporary acts like Air France and Sally Shapiro; "Neptune" manages to capture a similarly beachtime-during-sunset feel. Great work; I'll be sure to post on OS in the near future. Reach out to me at if interested in help with promotion; I can provide details about my PR servicing upon request. Thanks for the submission -Mike

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