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Sedrick McLean

Life On Spiritual Thoughts #ISFJ Co-Star & Pattern: @seddymac $SeddyMac
Tennessee, USA

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Show And Prove by SeddyMac

Chris Lovett

Hey Sedrick, thanks so much for sharing. I loved the back story to this track, i'm sure this will resonate with a lot of creatives. Its also a glimpse into the graft that the day to day listener doesnt get to see. The wordplay on this I really liked as well. The blend between bars and harmonies is a really good mix, keeps the listeners on their toes. As you're just looking for promo ideas we'll stick to that.
There are a lot of things you can do yourself that doesnt require too much money but does require some time so its wise to balance the time spent on marketing and promoting and creating. 
Firstly I would get clear on what it is you want to achieve, what is your goal? What does success mean to you? Is this something you want to do full time, just for fun, part time, make the big time, major label, indie label, write for others etc? If you're clear on that it makes it easier to set smaller goals to get there. This may change over time but its good to get a rough idea.
Some of these you may already know but its good to just check in to see if you're doing them regularly. The blog platform is a real good go to so you can get in front of new listeners. There is a platform calles submithub that has dozens of music blogs signed up so you can submit your track once to a batch of blogs that fit your genre. Whilst you're doing that research other blogs that feature other artists you admire in and around your level. GoldFlakePaint, EarMilk, Pigeons and Planes, StereoFox are just a few that spring to mind but there are hundreds across the world. Target a decent number and just submit your track. Set a bar as low or high as you want but you want to build momentum, not the big smash. At the same time as the blogs, radioplay is another way to get your tune to new ears. The tunein app is a decent way to research online stations that fit your sound or that dedicate themselves to unsigned or underground talent. Again we're just looking for some plays here that you can share to your followers. They want confirmation that they were right to spend their time listening and engaging with your work, so sharing details of things happening cements that for them. We also want to hear from you as the artist, so offer to do interviews for radio stations or other things like a freestyle or live version of one of your tracks for them. Setting those two things up should keep ticking over but it always needs revisiting, there should always be something happening. Next up would be the collab part. People open doors for other people so its about being proactive and alive to those opportunities. You've got The Frequency producing this track but who outside of your network could you reach out to and work with? From a UK perspective, producer wise check out Intalekt (who also has a radio show), Blue Lab Beats, Danny George, George Holliday, Thomas Prime, Natty Reeves, Alfa Mist and Simon Jefferis, they have dedicated followers and are still reachable. They work with their friends and community so reach out. Other artists to maybe feature on or get to work with here are Petrie, Latir, Naked Eye, Marie Dahlstrom, Abhi The Nomad and Ayelle but this is not an exhaustive list, go and find people you admire and do something with them. Their followers generally check out others who they are working with so its a great way to meet new artists, collaborate and get to new ears. The algorithms of spotify etc will pick up that your name features with others so when people scroll through the similar artists list you may be on it.
Its a bit tricky at the moment with Covid to go out and do more shows but it sounds like you have done plenty in the recent past, one thing that tends to work here is the support slot and the trendy venue. In London, we have a few venues that are known to be the hot bed for new unsigned talent that booking agents put their newly signed acts on, these are only small venues but people want to be affiliated with it, hence label people go there on the search for talent. Which venues are there in and around where you are that have that? Again this may be back to researching other artists and their progression, which is pretty simple to do but not a lot of people do it. If you look at a booking agent like Paradigm, they have a list of newly signed acts that have not released too much but you'll be able to see where they have played and what they have coming up. These are strategically planned but their agent who is aware of trends and upcoming things that are not yet common knowledge so its wise to follow them and maybe add them to your list of reaching out and working with (eg martha hill). When clubs open up again, find out who the DJs are at those clubs (that play new stuff not the old stuff) and again send them your music, they will likely have a following and set up playlists and mixes that people want. There are loads of other music platforms that people use so try and get on as many as possible that link back to your social media. LastFM, Bandcamp, CDBaby etc all have audiences. Tidel, Deezer, Google Play and even the Xbox live community! Make it easy for people to find you, they can then choose to engage with you or not. 
Anyway, i'll leave it there for now as thats a lot to be getting on with. This industry is viscious so always find the love in the creation and never lose that, the rest is just BS. When I was putting music nights on in London, the best bit was people enjoying the music together, there was no big shots there, it was just us as people, living life and enjoying live music. Treasure those moments and enjoy the journey wherever it takes you. All the best! C

Wiley Koepp

Dig the track and some of the lyrics grab me. Love any reference to Barry Sanders. Your flow is really interesting. It's got a laid back delivery at times like Drake, but attacks some times like Ice Cube. Then I'm feelin' Eminem at times??? Crazy, right? Then sing-song-y, holding out notes RnB style. I guess if you're using this song to show and prove yourself, it's got all sorts of skills wrapped up in one song. 

If I had any feedback or advice...and I just wrote this on another song in a completely different's about listeners' attention spans. I like this song. But now that it's over...I have the melody in my head, but I wasn't punched in the face with a particular lyric or hook. This song I'll play for some friends and we'll nod our heads and say "this is good!" But that's different than a million people spreading it around, shouting about it on the subways, and stuff like that. And I'm not talking about trying to write "Old Town Road" or some shit. :) But keep going so that Seddymac's sound in undeniable and unmistakable. Lots of talent, even just in this one song, that you're working with. Nice job!

Nice and Loud

Tough record to evaluate because success in this genre is more about marketing than the actual song.  With that being said the record can definitely fit with what is HOT right now.   Send the Artist's EPK to as I would like to see the business side of the project which unfortunately accounts for 85% of the success of music! 

simon illa

Song is pretty dope.  The overall dark vibe makes me think this would be good soundtrack material.  Check around with some online licensing companies that might put it in the Or catalogue to place it in tv or film.  The mix could be a bit better and have a few more elements that change around your vocal to keep it interesting.  My main criticism is I am not that into the singing parts.  The rap parts are so dope but the singing parts make me forget how good the rap verses are.  Either find a creative way to edit/mix the singing parts or get a guest vocalist to sing what you wrote.  Thanks for asking my opinion an feel free to ask me any kore questions or send more songs.  Thanks and hope you are well!!!  S. Illa. Also, check to get music into playlists and blogs!!!!

Aurora Berill

SeddyMac speaks about the exhaustion of constantly performing as an artist while hitting a wall which he has difficulty getting over. The track starts off quite strong and builds up some energy but sadly that gets lost due to the muddy mixing of the vocals and the singing parts. 

Show And Prove is probably inspired by the pain that is caused by suppressed emotions. The song progresses to a raw emotional journey and the rapper shows the aspects of dealing with his personal struggles by expressing anger through indirect actions. Great rhythm with complex elements of speech and poetry. 

Thanks for sharing! 

Isaac Gordon

Please send us a demo to

WestCoast Keish

Hey, thanks for reaching out! I'm feeling the song and have added it to Hype Off Life's "New Sh!t" playlist:

Jerry Doby

Enjoyed the story and the ethos. Keep rockin

James(GODFATHER) Jackson

Good hook and melody

Brett Napoli

Really loved the beat and the bassline. Well produced, great rhythm and the vocals are interesting and fun. Enjoyed the lyrics, hook and rhyme scheme. Overall an enjoyable track with nice balance and flow, ideal length and production quality. The only critique I have is of the cover art. Does not make sense right off the bat, takes a second of looking at it. Enjoyed the track and would definitely like to hear more, which is the goal of any track. Nice work.

Greg Savage

Overall, the track is nice. The content is good, you have a great vocal, nice mix. The only thing I can think of that I would change (from a consumer's perspective) is the introduction and the contrast between your verse and hook.


While I like the intro, I think it may be too long, especially if the song is being placed in the hands or reaching first-time listeners who may not be familiar with you or your brand.

Why Contrast?:

In terms of your verse and your hook sections, they sound good however when reading the title and your backstory I think a little bit more emotion would do this track more justice especially in one of the hook sections. Make me feel what you're saying, make me believe it. You want to put the listeners in your shoe and feel that hardship/frustration. This isn't to say what you have doesn't work because it definitely does I just think that those little tweaks would take this song to the next level. I would definitely love to hear more from you. Keep up the good work.

Bob Lugowe

Solid production and catchy, enjoyable song with a good mix of singing / rapping. I. would suggest by including a bio about you as an artist and why people should pay attention to you, not why you feel you're not getting the credit you deserve. It's a grind out there and the music biz is tough so present yourself with confidence not as someone who feels they're not getting a fair chance as that won't appeal to any blogs, playlist curators, labels, etc. If you do want more exposure in those outlets you should consider working with a publicist, marketing firm and/or label / distributor for your next singles as they can help you get placed around the web and streaming services but you need "drivers" as to why people should pay attention like what other big artists have you opened for, any accolades you've received, names of notable producers or artists you've collaborated with, tours you've done, social media #'s, etc. In hip-hop especially, these things matter a lot so make sure your social game is established and you're sending out a clear, cohesive message to fans with your own aesthetic if you want to get noticed. Music videos are also especially important in hip-hop so def make sure you're creating visual content. 

Regrading this submission, this is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to provide as much info as possible in a clear and concise manner and make it easy for anyone to hear more if they'd like and follow you on social media via links, not having to google your name. Also, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances.. Also, being on Tik Tok is an obvious platform that is worth looking at along with Triller as so much music is blowing up there now too.  Best of luck!

Sedrick McLean submitted media.

Brian Zisook

Hey Sedrick, Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for submitting your work. I dig the bounce and flair in both the mic work and the track's production. We're familiar with Tim's work at DJBooth and his guest assist here is impressive... so impressive that he borderline steals your thunder. Overall, though, this was a solid listen. Not something I'd necessarily play again, but enjoyable until the end. We will consider for feature on DJBooth.