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Wesley Youssi

Wesley Youssi

Wes Youssi
Wes is a songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He was born in Belvidere, IL, and spent his formative years surrounded by 2 farms and a swath of empty woods. As a child, his grandmother introduced him to early country music; playing Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline when she visited for the summer.

Presently, he’s writing songs and hustling honky-tonks bars. Though far from the woods he was raised in, he's close to them in memory and song.
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Portland, Oregon

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The Darkside by Wes Youssi

Cliff Goldmacher

Great, authentic feel to the recording and the performance is really nicely done. My only concern is that the hook "dark side" in the verses has the emphasis on "side" when it would naturally be "dark" that is emphasized. 

Keep up the great work!

Travis Keller

I liked the song and the singer... but the production and playing was too bright, shiny and perfect.... I'd suggest getting some dirt on your jeans... I mean, it's country right? You're singing about drinking and losing and devil woman... let's get dirty with the music to match the lyrical content. Just sounds too produced... and that lead guitars tone isn't right. Doesn't sound like the dark side... I've heard the dark side. Stooges - Funhouse.

But yeah man, I dug the vibe over all... I'd like to hear more.

Leks Maltby

On Wes Youssi's "The Darkside," classic country sounds are corralled from the past like classic books being taken off a dusty bookshelf. This is an example of a time-tested, timeless song, the success of which can largely be attributed to the fact that it adheres so closely to the well-established county genre conventions. As far as the vocal delivery is concerned, Wes sounds like he could be a living relative of Hank Williams, which is a compliment of the highest order to be sure. If classic county is your bag, be sure to take a trip to "The Darkside"!

Wiley Koepp

Writing in real time...  Aw, HELL YEAH.  Good ol' Texas Country Swing.  Except according to the album art, it's from Portland, OR.  Close enough.  Love the dark, lyrical twist. Tight arrangement, great lead vocal, compelling lyrics. I'm a fan.

Reminds me a lot of a cross between Dale Watson or The Derailers with a tinge of The Beaumonts to make everyone nervous.

Would love to be involved with helping promote Wes and his music!  Feel free to reach out: www.coyotemusic.com/contact

Andrea Young

Great honky tonk track that immediately brings to mind Asleep At The Wheel or a Dr Demento tune.  Send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com and I'll be sure to play it on an upcoming show and include it on playlists.  Thanks for your submission!

Liz Cousins

Such a great, classic sound and a great story. I think Americana radio would LOVE THIS!

Vickye Fisher

This has a really authentic, warm, vintage sound to it. You must have taken great care in the studio to make sure it sounded this way and I imagine you recorded it all live - so well done if so.
I really can't find any fault with the production or arrangement, and the lyrical narrative is one that is familiar to audiences, particularly those who are fans of the outlaw movement, so will be popular when playing live. In general you could use continued improvement and practice on your vocals, but they're perfectly suitable for this song - I'm just trying to think of of constructive critique to aid you. But really, this is a great track that will appeal to many traditional country fans.