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RED (Radio Mix) by Emii

Carlton Boyd

I really like the track RED. The beat is uptempo and catchy and Emii has a great voice that blends smoothly with the instrumental. I'm sure that seeing this song performed live is a great experience as well as hearing it in a club. 

We'd love to feature Emii on our website DOPECAUSEWESAID.com; if this is of interest, email us at info@dopecausewesaid.com. 

Bruno Natal

Sounds good! A bit too generic in terms of what's out there, but well produced, nonetheless. Seems like it's begging for a tropical house remix!

Bree Noble

 Great song! I love the contrast between the sections and the power of the chorus. If you'd like us to play it on the radio station, please PM me within fluids and will connect. 

Lauren Gribble

This is a great song with a very catchy beat! Keep up the good work!

Cougar Microbes

Following the intro track was not what I would have expected but instead proves to be so much more rewarding.  The contribution of having such an expert production team pays dividends with every single sound feeling absolutely essential (with the lead sample sounding like it belongs in a particularly gritty British cult movie). Furthermore, the decision to keep the drum beat somewhat minimal really allows the melodies to flourish. 

The vocal performance is phenomenal with Emii's voice making it seem like she was born to be on this track. They help turn a great pop track into an edgy and all together more ballsy effort and have enough variations to support the entire mix. 

Music You Need

"Red" by EMII has a sweet bass line intro, followed quickly by female vocals, which build into a pretty wub-tastic drop at 30 seconds. Melodic dubstep meets pop in this one, giving the listener a fresh taste of bass music. The breakdown halfway through the track has awesome vocal samples and fat bass kicks. Overall, a fun and beautifully done track. Thanks for sharing!

SD Hox

I really like the production on this song. It is an exciting track that I hope becomes a breakout hit for Emii. The sweet vocals layer nicely over the song's driving beat and the synth vocals give the track a very contemporary feel.  I am excited to hear more from this artist. Great work and thanks for sharing! I will certainly recommend to my followers.

Going Solo

It's a track with a lot of potential. EMII's voice is powerful and effective, it fits naturally with the song's melody. The production is smart, the key are those throbbing basses that never stop to set the pace up. The whole songs stands halfway between mainstream and alternative, it may attract listeners from both markets and that's definitely positive. I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission!

Brody Ramone

I love this track! Production is spot on and it is a catchy little electro pop song that I could see being played in clubs towards the end of the night. The only thing that was a *little* distracting, to me at least, was the electro bass line. I don't have any suggestions really on how to make it "better" per se, aside of maybe lowering it a bit in the track. Otherwise, the vocals sound great and the rest of the track is solid.

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is a bold, powerful pop song. I'm going to make a few recommendations on people to send it to. It might be too hard for Disco Naivete. Others could be a good fit depending on how they can place you. Some are producers and others have blogs with large following. I've also recommended a Warner A&R person as the production is super tight. I want to hear more. I will seek you out. Great sound...I normally do not actively listen to this kind of music either.

Hugh McIntyre

This is solid gold.

Andrea Young

This is right on for commercial radio appeal, with production and arrangement values excellent and first rate.  Vocals are indeed powerful and full of energy.  You should be able to get some good mileage out of this, especially once you put together a video to support it.   I don't really have a place for it but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a place.  You've got a great track to work with your PR and promotion people.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

“Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impressions we make on others". 
Sheryl Sanderberg, ‘Lean In’

Ralina PR submitted media.

I Saw Momma by Emii

Bree Noble

Love your version of this song. Wish we could play it on our station but our deadline for Holiday music was November 10. We'd like to play your other music since we couldn't play your Holiday song. Please send a message on Fluence with your email address and a link to download some of your music. Thanks

Tom Matthew

You did a great job putting a new spin on an old Christmas classic. I like the gospel feel, and you've got a pop voice that is very nice. There's some nice changes in here too. Happy to share.

Lauren Gribble

Hello! I loved the vocals and the music! Its a great song for the holiday season. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Raymond Flotat

This is good overall. The difficulty I have with it, is knowing the original song well. This makes some interesting choices changing up tempo and melodic arrangement. But if you know the original, it's hard to forget the standard way the chorus is sung. There's nothing wrong with this arrangement, but it's impossible to forget the standard approach. Otherwise, singing is good, production sounds good and it's short and sweet.

Music You Need

"I Saw Momma" by Emii is a new take on the classic Jackson 5 Christmas tune that is emotional yet fun, and modernized for our time. The chorus has a gospel sound, the vocals are incredible, the instrumentation is well done, and the whole tune gets you up and moving. Lots of soul and love oozing out of this version. Love it. 

Indie Band Guru

The beautiful vocals lead the way on this classic.  This is the perfect time to push this song adn get the exposure for Emii.  The genre switchups are intriguing to me and other people that are open to different genres.  My only worry would be that this may also turn off the mainstream radio listeners that have closed minds to musical exploration like this.  Get it out there and see what happens.  It will probably add more fans than take away.

Leks Maltby

Emii offers her unique take on the classic Christmas song, "I saw Momma (Kissing Santa Claus)", in a style that is equal parts Mariah Carey and Adele. With reams of new lyrics to round out the verses, complete with some off-colour vulgarity thrown in for good measure, the end result is a more soulful, and indeed more enjoyable take on this all-too-familiar tune. A strong offering in the often over-saturated Christmas music market, and a great indication of the fantastic vocal range that Emii brings to the table.

SD Hox

Perfect for the holiday season! A little gospel, a little pop, a lot of fun! Emil has a strong voice and I look forward to hearing more from her. Thanks for sharing!

Tim Medcraft

It's cool and fun.  very stage.
from a promotions point of view you obviously need a video to go with it to go after youtube hits etc
you really want to be pushing this track to people for ads, tv etc for next year from june / july onwards
possibly to tv now for productions for next year too
as long as the song has no infringements / is cleared for use then that will be good.  if it isn't then look to do it asap again for next year
it's too late to be pushing for this year 2 weeks away from christmas day
i would also look outside the US to european, asian and australia etc markets.  so speak to proper sync agents in the various countries

Kami Knake

This song is great! Is it on Spotify? Please send me the link when it's live thanks!

Brian Zisook

Emii, thank you for sharing "I Saw Momma" with me. I love holiday music (as is the case with most people with a heart and two ears), and the hook on your record is very very catchy, but your vocal range is very limited on the verses. The chorus is the most important part of a catchy holiday tune, so you can check that box, but in order to really impress with non-holiday tunes, where a complete effort is really required to turn heads and grow fans, you will need to turn in a better, more complete effort.


This is a fantastic version of this song!  I would love to play it on my station. It is fun, flirty and really well done.  Love it!

Kier Lehman

Fun song and nice, updated take on the concept. Great voice and very well produced and recorded. This would be great for the right holiday themed film or TV show. Thanks for sending. 

Matthew Linsky

Definitely the right time for this sort of holiday spirit, but it would have been more advantageous to release this to industry peeps in early Nov - the lead time would've been very useful.

That being said, this is top-notch. The production is great, the song is fun, and Emii's voice is just plain stellar. I definitely want to hear more from her - and this is coming from a Jew!

Happy Channukah everybody!

Alan Cross

For inexplicable reasons,  I'm always looking for contemporary Christmas songs. I'll give this a post on my website and Facebook/tweet it out to about 100,000 people.

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is a great track - very well produced and catchy. Good timing too. I'm going to share on my networks. Thanks for sending this to me. 

Hugh McIntyre

I didn't actually expect this to be very good (how many times can you hear the same Christmas songs?), but I really enjoyed this. The production was great, and you really made it your own. The only thing I would say is that you come really close to oversinging it, and that can be a bit annoying. You obviously are a great singer, but you don't always need to show it off. Good job though!

Andrea Young

You've obviously got the promotional chops and great talent to make it happen for yourself, so impressive!  Send a high quality mp3 of this and I'll include on playlists and shows.  Love the gospel swing in it.  The production/arrangement feels a bit heavy in the  bridge/chorus section ("I Saw Momma....") but that would be my only feedback on an energetic rocking Christmas tune, thanks for your submission, hope to hear more from you!