I'm not a rapper.
Kansas City

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Luke submitted media.

Burning Bridges by LUKE

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song, especially the beat and the overall chill but fun vibe of the track which is reminiscent of Macklemore.  The cover art complements the song well too.  I think you have definite talent though the lyrics can be a bit juvenile and the flow a bit awkward at times but you're on the right track. I would suggest building social media profiles for you as an artist as the current links look like your personal accounts.  Besides that keep up the good work.  

Luke submitted media.

Leslie Mac

Production is dope! Great dance track! Good flow!

Brett Napoli

Hey Luke, thanks for the submission. The pianic melody layers beautifully behind the vocal distortions. Great progression leading into the freestyle but could be a little bit smoother. Synth work is nice complement. Digging the use of horns but feel they could be amplified to bring a powerful element to this track. Also digging the pulsing bass that comes in around the 1:45 mark but, again, feel like this could be amplified a little bit more. Definitely understand wanting to have the vocals stand out, but a little more focus on the mastering could really propel this to the next level. Overall great track! Thanks for sharing.

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Brian Hazard

Hey Luke!

Interesting take on Florence and The Machine! I'm not sure it fits with the original thematically, but it's fun nonetheless.

It sounds like you ran the mix through Ozone with the dial set to 11. It sounds super lo-fi, and not in a hipster way. The rap sections especially are super bright and sibilant and those hats are overpowering. Vocals are too loud, except Florence's, which are slightly buried but overall more comfortable.

I really like the semi-instrumental part toward the end! The arrangement definitely needed some space at that point, and it's a nice change from the piano + drums formula that goes through most of the track.

Seems like you could piece together your original sections - sans Florence - and create a fully original track from it, free of copyright restraints. 

As it stands, I don't think this is a great fit for my following, but I do think it has potential. A de-esser would go a long way, as would professional mastering. Or at least back off the compression and limiting, and if you're mastering it yourself, I wouldn't do anything beyond that except perhaps a low cut to roll off the sub.

Luke submitted media.

Believe by LUKE

Andrea Young

Production values make this difficult to listen to for me -- if there's any way you can go back and remix and remaster, I'd highly recommend it.  Bass is way too prominent and the sound otherwise is fairly tinny.  But at the same time,  I'm intrigued by the musical values -- it's quirky, it's fun, love the 'girl group' 50's-60's element.  But I can't quite get my ears to listen to it.  Hope that's helpful!  Good luck, thanks for your submission.

Brian Hazard

Like the groove combined with the oldies feel!

The bass in the 3rd bar seems out of key with the piano and vocals. And then later you sustain the same bass note under changing chords, and it sounds a little off at times.

You jest on Twitter that you're not a rapper, but the rap parts sound great! Both the execution and the production.

I think you've got a lot of potential with this track, if you go through it bar by bar and make sure the chord progression is clear without any clashing notes.

I know you're just looking for help promoting this, but it's not really a good fit for my audience regardless. Hopefully my comments will encourage you to revisit and tighten things up. Sorry I can't be more help than that!

I appreciate you sharing it with me!

Luke submitted media.

Style (Remix) by LUKE

SD Hox

I think that the original song is a little soft for a rap remix. Given that limitation, you've done a good job transforming the original into something a bit new and different. The rap itself was a little flat (but perhaps that is in the mix more than the performance).  I'd love to hear a remix of a different song, with a harder edge. Anyway, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

Luke submitted media.

Brian Hazard

I love "Don't sue me please I'm worth nothing." Does that actually work? ;)

Seems this is more of a derivative work than a remix, since you're rapping over it. And some drum stuff on top? I'm not that familiar with the original to be honest.

That left-panned snare seems pretty out front, and overall the mix is really bright, because the main loop sounds thin and the hat is about 10 dB too loud for my tastes.

I understand there are plenty of technical limitations working like this, and that you don't have 100% control over the mix, so take that with a grain of salt!

Regardless, I like what you've done with the track! And the "remix" designation opens up an interesting angle for discussion, and hopefully more listens for your track, on Twitter.

Thanks for sharing it with me!