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Silvia Nikoletti

Silvia Nikoletti

I am part of the team representing the European singer/songwriter Celeste Buckingham. (www.celestebuckingham).

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Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission. I thought this was a very melodic song, vocal, and video.I also went to your website to listen to a few more tracks to get an overall feel of your work. I was glad i did because there were some great songs there, Although i enjoyed your submission video, the track i felt had the most "HIT" potential was "Crushin MY Fairytale" Just my opinion. Overall i thought most of the songs were well written, produced and delivered vocally. It looks you have an established following so i believe you are well on your way!

Best Musical Regards

Greg Gali

Abdul Karim Siraji

Great vocals by Celeste and nice composition. Love the bridge and final chorus chord progression. Musically i think the use of a backing vocals for the final chorus would add a grand feel. Also some of the strings arrangement could be more layered towards the end. The song definitely works for me. If promoted well the song has the potential to reach an audience similar to Sam Smith and Adele.  The video is perfect too.

Joel Sumerling

This is cool. Well shot promo. The song is pretty good, well produced, needs more of a hook to make it memorable for me

Naomi Manvell

Beautiful voice!

Jocelin Leige

I really enjoy this song,  and I must say the choreograph wasn't bad either. I would give this song a big thumbs up. I never heard a song like this one before. One great love story and song.

Angela Moore

Beautiful song, moving and atmospheric. Thought the video and the lighting captured the feeling of the song very well. 

Philip Andrew Mayol

This is the kind of song where if you use it for "So you think you can dance", the audience will be very quiet and then once the music and the dancers stop, everyone will do a standing ovation.

What I think about the video:
- It will leave an impression to the viewers due to its settings and choreography. Thumbs up to the choreographers for giving justice to the feels of the song.
- The light and the setup give interpretation to the song as it is a slow, romantic, and tragic in some way. This is the kind of videos I enjoy watching on YouTube.
- I want to share this on my social media page right now so to speak. The video and the song form an artful rendition together.

What I think about the song:
- The vocal is amazing, as well as the instrumentation as I am watching and listening to this song using headphones to listen to every word and sound.
- If I can get a copy of this song, I will surely include this on my playlist on my phone. The piano and the string instruments are clearly emphasized maintaining the volume not to overlap to the vocals.
- The message of the song is very interesting and catchy, too.  The transition to every stanza is great.
- Overall this is an art song, an interpretative song.

- The artist should have a different dress/outfit when she was filmed singing from the parts where she was dancing. This may give difference to the interpretation that her singing is the storyteller and the her dancing is the character of the story.
- The ending could have been that the artist singing and filmed in whole body shot as it faded backwards or something.

Overall, I will be listening to this song and watching the video on repeat.

Rating: 8 stars/out of 10.

Gaby Ramos

I like the song and the emotion in it.

Maggie Murphy

I like the sound I like the power and clarity of the voice. I found the video itself a bit problematic. (I don't like that he smokes.) I thought at first it would feel like more of a dance.  But it just seemed to repeat the same motion, etc. The images aside, I like the spirit of the song, the power of the singer 

Tyler Martin

- Very interesting video, had me interested right from the second it started. 
- very relaxing tune
- love the thing the actors are doing with the table, like they are playing bloody knuckles. 
- music isn't necessarily my style, but I am very into it
- very powerful ending, really brings the song together
- would love to hear more
- do you have any other video (who directed this one?)

Joshua Smotherman

This cinematic visual does a great job at symbolizing and visually expressing what love feels like. The vocal performance keeps you engaged as the hauntingly peaceful piano plays out the roll-around-in-the-dirt elegance we refer to as love. I dig it!

Victor Romijn

Hi, thanks for sending me this video.
It's a beautiful video, very well edited and shot.

About the music: The intro is great, the voice of Celeste reminds me of Adele in a good way (though it feels a little thin and fragile sometimes) and the arrangement is very good. One small piece of advice is to arrange the climax (at around 3:25) a bit heavier, so the but-up tension is relieved a bit more. Because the climax is what I was waiting for but it wasn't as good and intense as I expected.
The ending was good as well, just like the intro.


This is quite good. Could be better in parts , especially when she reaches for high notes. Otherwise great record and visuals. Supported 

Brent Tactic

definitely well done. song is a bit monotonous but she's got a great voice

Eric Chen

great cinematography, love the deserted warehouse / end of days setting.  great song, didn't over sing it

Morgan Crozier

Good stuff here. The video and song are both well produced. They both convey a lot of emotion with beautiful imagery. I wouldn't change a thing about it. 

I would recommend submitting the song to promotional youtube channels. Perhaps you could also try hosting a 'remix contest' for the song for producers to use the vocals & instrumental stems to get it in front of a diverse audience. 

Sean Gavin

I'm surprised that you are asking me for feedback when you are so well known. This video is really professional! This is not my genre of music but this song was really, really good. I don't think I need to explain promotion to you because from all your social media accounts you seem to have that covered. Keep moving forward and growing as an artist!

Joe Hova

The video is captivating, the mixture of dance with the underlying message of a love song is great. I love the soft vocals with the piano melody, it all blends together for a great song. Everything about this is beautiful and you stay within your vocal range, not making anything too complicated. Great work! 

Larry Lootsteen

Okay, so here's the thing.  I complain about this a lot.  And it has nothing to do with talent.  It has to do with uniqueness.  This could be anyone's song.  You have a wonderful voice.  I love piano in music.  But this sounds like every love song.  I'm listening and nothing stands out for me.  Not in voice.  Not in music.  Beautiful lyrics but the delivery vehicle needs to stand out.  Could this be a hit?  Yes.  Do I think it will be?  Not likely.

I don't mean to sound so down.  It's a lovely song.  If I heard it on the radio I wouldn't think "Oh, that's Celeste".  I would wonder if it was this Beyoncé's "Halo" or someone else trying to mimic the idea.  I want something that surprises me.  You may not need to change a thing to make this a hit.  For me though, it needs something to make it unique.  There is so much music out there that being heard is almost impossible.  Maybe some sax and a harder drum to add power.  Maybe some electric guitar and a bit of an angry tone.  It just needs SOMETHING to stand out.

WildStyle DaProducer

I liked it a lot. The song didn't immediately captivate me until the last half, but the cinematography of the music video was gorgeous throughout and held my attention. She really has a great voice, angelic at times but very strong and soulful at the end too. Great mixing and mastering throughout as well.    

Martin Bryant

Very nicely shot video with beautiful colour grading. The song isn't for me personally but the video suits it perfectly and together they work as classy package.

Chris Cable

I thought video was very well shot and produced, and looks very professional.

The song is a great ballad. I like the lyrics, the chorus is strong.. I think this may work well for TV/film syncs/soundtracks.

As for promoting, I'd suggest local radio to begin with, eventually working to a national radio campaign if there's enough traction.

Overall, I think it's a great track. Keep up the good work!

wayne leeloy

really well done!!  visuals are great, music is awesome.
I could see this alongside an Adele video or other artist and it would hold up.

nice work!

Tim Chipping

Song, performance, production and video all of a remarkably high standard. There will be the inevitable Adele comparisons but Celeste's voice is enough "her own" that by the final dramatic stages of the song it's clear she's an artist worth paying attention to in her own right. Difficult to know what to say since this is already the full package. Just keep the songs coming.

Indie Band Guru

Very pretty song with amazing vocals.  The choreography was excellent and kept my visual attention as well with the top notch video work.  The build up and emotion that came in the vocals late in the song was perfect.
If I had to nit-pick there were times early in the video where it seemed like the vocals did not match the lip movement of the lead character. (possibly just a lag on my computer) 

Bob Lugowe

This is a beautifully shot, cinematic video that is a perfect complement to the equally beautiful song.  It seems you already have over 100k views of this video on YouTube and an even bigger social media presence which are both very impressive.  The only thing I would suggest is putting this song on Spotify and all other streaming services for even more exposure but otherwise keep up the great work! 

Brian Hazard


The strings and chord changes at the end of the chorus are beyond lovely. The arrangement builds at just the right pace, and drops into the bridge dramatically. I was half expecting drums in the final chorus, but I'm glad they're absent.

The video compliments the song perfectly. Really great work all around!

I'd be delighted to share this with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Andrea Young

Beautiful vocals and songwriting, this song touches me emotionally.  Much to embrace here by your fans, both in the video and the song, the heart of it comes through so strongly in the performance.  I keep wanting it to build and explode musically, and it doesn't -- which in itself makes it much more cathartic actually.  I'd like to consider it for future shows and playlists, send a high quality mp3 to Are you doing promotion in the U.S. for your music at this time?  If you'd like to discuss further, get in touch about that.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Valida Carroll

This song and video are pure magic...The style, cinematography, direction... the dancing...all work perfectly with the music...
Your voice is stunning and there are so many wonderful textures in it. I love how the vox are recorded up really reeled me in...
There are definitely some Adele moments here, (not to compare your voices because they are distinctly different), but I love how you kept it really gentle until the end and showed us how powerful your voice can get...
It's not the right fit for my show or for the series that I put on at The Standard, because I am looking for a more indie vibe for the first, and a more folky vibe for the latter; but it doesn't take away from the beauty of the song...You and your team have some serious talent and I'l definitely share this...