George Hartline

George Hartline

George Hartline

Singer/songwriter, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Sour Gummy Records
I'm the songwriter/ guitarist/ singer in the band "The Harmless Doves".
artist management, singing, record labels, artist development
indie rock, alternative, rock, folk, americana
Orange County, CA/ Section, AL

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"Temporary Fix" -Music Video by The Harmless Doves

Ari Herstand

Hey there, great work!

Would have liked to read the lyrics. Please include in future submissions. 

The biggest thing that needs work is the mix. It feels kind of disjointed. Every instrument sticks out very pointedly. It sounds like a live performance. The instrumentation doesn't feel very blended. The effects on the vocals feel forced and a bit out of place when they come in. The harmonies are nice, but aren't blended well in the mix (the singing is fine). 

I LOVE the horns. They're the strongest part of the song in my opinion. 

The bass and drums aren't super locked in. Not in love with the bass tone. He's a bit busy as well. 

The electric guitar tones could be beefier and more natural sounding. They sound like they're just through a Boss distortion pedal or something. Would have been nice to work with amp tones. And real tubes - without pedals for the sound you're going for. 

None of the instruments are really locked in. Totally fine for a live performance, but for a recording it feels a bit messy. When the drums are on the hat playing along with the acoustic at the top, it's a bit exposed. Because of that even the slightest deviation from each other is noticeable. I may have added an organ there or something else to fill up the sonic sphere a bit more. 

This sounds like a recording out of the late 90s. Like Counting Crows (who I dig!), but the sound is dated. It definitely would have helped to bring in a contemporary producer and a professional mixing engineer who knows how to get a more current sound.

The video also isn't super high quality. Some shots are beautiful, and others are grainy and washed out. This really needs to be color corrected. The performances aren't really locked in in the video either. When the guitarist is playing it doesn't match up with the audio. 

When you're recording a music video, you want to practice to the recording so you can match it perfectly. Also, you need super loud playback at the shoot so you can synch up. 

Great song, great vocals. Wish I could read the lyrics. 

D Grant Smith

Overall nice sound and songwriting. Nice addition with the horn section. That little extra section adds a different kind of groove to the tune. Well done on all instrumental parts. This has a sound of if Barenaked Ladies or Counting Crows wrote in a folk or neo-country style with a little big band backing. Great track! Send this album my way.

Leks Maltby

On "Temporary Fix" by The Harmless Doves and Hayley Derryberry, these collaborative artists deliver a four-minute country-tinged folk-rock anthem perfect for the open road. The presence of horns in the second verse are a truly welcome surprise, showing the eclectic influences that shape the Harmless Doves sonic aesthetic. The saxophone solo steals the show, but a solid underpinning of robust songwriting holds everything together melodically and rhythmically. Derryberry's guest vocal is understated but welcome nonetheless, adding much needed texture and depth to the vocal harmonies on the track. A perfect open road jam for Spring 2016.

Hugh McIntyre

This was well done for an amateur shot, and the song is nice as well. It isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but I could definitely see where a good number of people would be into it. Well done.

George Hartline submitted media.

Andrea Young

Almost 2 separate songs here, the first 50 seconds or so being so sweetly acoustic (love that part), and then jamming into a very drum-prominent guitar-driven alt-pop sound throughout the rest of it, which I also very much enjoy, but just in a different way. A little bit disconnected for me because of that.  But lots to love here with the strings, the vocals, the harmonies – and the video is real and charismatic,keeps me watching, well done.  Would love to hear more from you all.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!    

Vickye Fisher

I like the song, it has a good structure, catchy and simple, enjoyable. The vocals suit the style of song well too, and certainly the beginning sounds great. However, as the drums and electric guitars kick in before the chorus, something happens to the production on the vocals and everything starts to sound a little messy. I understand what you were attempting to go for with the grittier sound over a folksy base, but by the end it's too much and the production seriously suffers. It just ends up as chaos, unfortunately. If you change that up I think it could be great.

D Grant Smith

Americana meets alternative rock in a nice fashion. Impressive sound and enjoyable throughout. Could have used a tiny bit of level boost on the violin/fiddle around 2:00 which hits the right level a minute later, otherwise great mix on the sound. Really enjoyed the instrumentation throughout.

Leks Maltby

On "Down to the River", The Harmless Doves channel equal parts indie-folk and bluegrass influence, with some fine fiddle playing to accompany the conventional acoustic guitar/electric guitar/bass/drums instrumental arrangement. Lyrically verbose, the song's narrative journey takes the listener down to the river's edge in search of a woman, and indeed a higher power. The guitar solo in the song's final quarter is straight out of the 80's in the best way possible, channeling Eddie Van Halen and a generation of imitators who followed in his footsteps. The Harmless Doves have a unique enough sound to bring country influences over to modern rock radio, which is no small feat in its own right. A very promising band with a promising new sound.

Nate Maingard

I feel as though many people will enjoy this song. The rhythm and chorus are catchy, the tune is melodic and it has a solid forward movement with a variety of instrumentation.

For whatever reason, it doesn't grab me personally, but I feel that has more to do with my tastes than the quality of the song or production. ]

Seems like y'all have put heaps of effort into the songwriting, production and video, which is commendable, so well done! 

Wishing you all the best, as I said I'm sure you will find many people who will greatly enjoy this song :).

Hugh McIntyre

This was well done, and I enjoyed it, even though this isn't typically my preferred style of music. I can tell that the lead vocalist is rather talented in what he's doing. If the band has more tunes like this one, I don't see why they shouldn't be able to pick up a good-sized fan base. This sounds like the kind of rock that country people might get into.

Brian Hazard

What a voice! Love the song, and the violin. That drum entrance was a surprise!

I feel the compression sucking the mix in and making it quieter, the louder it's supposed to be. In fact, the verses feel louder than the chorus, which clearly isn't what you're going for. Granted, some of that may be YouTube's compression.

The video itself isn't the most compelling thing in the world, but it's cool to see you guys perform. It works!

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

I'd be happy to share it with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!