Jan Ciganik

Jan Ciganik

Jan Ciganik

Gumshen's alternative indie sound fuses rock, electronica and progressive styles in a fun and futuristic  fashion.

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Jan Ciganik submitted media.

Leks Maltby

On "Higher Than Sweet Heaven" by Gumshen, the electronic outfit lay down three-and-a-half minutes of undeniably dance-friendly EDM that recalls early Daft Punk and more contemporary electronic influences simultaneously. Sounding akin to the world's greatest New Years Eve dance party, one gets the sense that Gumshen aim to bring this celebratory dance party to every day of their fans lives, in an instant turning the daily slog into one big party. A lofty and noble aim, Gumshen effectively pepper this song with enough variety to avoid the EDM trap of falling into overly repetitive, boring, or dull musical structure. Indeed, this dance party offers something for everybody, and all are invited. Lace up your dancing shoes and hit the floor to the sweet, sweet sound of Gumshen.

Wayne Baxter

Nice instrumental; obviously the Daft Punk comparisons will be there. I would suggest perhaps increasing the pitch on the vocals though as sometimes they seem too drowned out by the instrumental. Definitely on the right direction though so keep going!!

Jan Ciganik submitted media.

Gumshen -- Fallacy by gumshen

Arielle J.

This track has such a unique and dark vibe to it, it really drew me in. Everything from the vocals to the video is done in a way that's twisted and interesting and catchy. I wish you had provided some context for the track because I'm so curious as to the motivation behind it. Something about this really gave me a 90s feel too even while actually being quite modern. Overall I really enjoyed this and am curious to hear/learn more!

Jared Losow

This is weird! I like it! 

The production is really well done for a track that has so much going on. The chorus is great and vibey and really grounds the whole song in this beautiful dreamy place. I love the way the orchestration builds over the course of the track with new synth/guitar lines thrown on top of the harmonies. You throw a lot of stuff in the mix on this track and take a lot of risks and it all works!

It also seems, from the video, that you've got a good amount of charisma when you perform, so keep playing around the northwest and everywhere else you can. I could see your sound fitting well with a quirky indie label like Mom & Pop or Matador. 

Thanks for sharing you material with me. Best of luck to you guys!

Bob Lugowe

Well-written, fun, infectious song with a great chorus and groove-laden instrumentation throughout the song. I found the video to be a bit cheesy though it does a good job capturing the band's spirit. I would suggest including a description about the band / song along with the links in your Fluence description. I saw the video has over 130k views on youtube which is extremely impressive though there are only 6 comments and a little over 20 engagements which is very odd. You should also make sure this song is on Spotify (which it doesn't appear to be) if you're hoping to capitalize on those views. 

Jan Ciganik submitted media.

Jennifer McGillan

Love the glow in the dark jammies and the Tron-style animations. Song is good too!

Andrea Young

Great video and beat to this. I like the high energy style of the band and your branding so far.  You might try sending it to Gary Calamar from KCRW (not sure if he's here on fluence), he focuses on ‘adventurous new music’.  Please send me a high quality mp3 and I’ll figure out where to include this on a future ‘new music’ show myself.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music! 

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