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Robert Watts

These Fine Moments
These Fine Moments, the Austin, Texas-based duo of Hilary Kaufmann and Robert Watts, delivers an honest blend of folk, pop and depression that borrows from ’70’s pop/rock (a la Fleetwood Mac, The Hollies, The Beatles) and American Indie (The Jayhawks, Decemberists, Shovels & Rope) with strong, lyric-centered co-vocals and lush harmonies.  
“Immediately appealing pop music,” says Peter Blackstock of the Austin American Statesman.  “Watts and Kaufmann are one of the better harmony vocal duos in town.” The pair takes this as high praise, given the wealth of national and international-level talent on display on any given night in their hometown.
Formed in 2011, These Fine Moments  have five commercial releases under their belt, which includes four full length records produced by Mark Hallman, known for his work with Carole King and Ani DiFranco.  They also released a five-song EP with noted musician and producer Stephen Doster, featuring Dony Wynn on drums (Robert Palmer, Bill Carter) and George Reiff on bass (The Jayhawks, Ray Wylie Hubbard).
Their latest effort, Stage Fright/Ok to Drive, produced by Hallman, is scheduled to hit the shelves this July, available on 7” vinyl, CD, or digital download.

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Ok to Drive (Official) by These Fine Moments

D Grant Smith

Not the song I was expecting. Goes in different directions than I thought it would. Great job lyrically and building a great ballad. A reverse love song, or the kind that goes down the heartbreak route in a different way. There's a lot here that's great. 

However the video doesn't convey the tone of the song as well as it could. I really love the song. The video feels like you're wanting to tell a story about a relationship being over and you coming to terms with it. It splices that theme in there with the car and the turn signal. But doesn't convey that same emotion through out. That's just my honest 2 cents on the video. The song itself is really solid.

Robert Watts submitted media.

Layin' Low by These Fine Moments

Bree Noble

 I like the concept of the lyrics.  Very inspiring and encouraging. I wish there was a little bit more interest to the melody. But I would like to air the song on the station. Please send me a message and I'll give you my contact info. 

Robert Watts submitted media.

These Fine Moments Patience by TheseFineMoments

Bree Noble

I like your sound. Unfortunately, I can't play the song because it doesn't feature the female vocalist. If you have any songs featuring the female vocalist as the main singer, please submit them. Since our mission is to promote female artists, we are pretty strict on this...sorry.

Raymond Flotat

Thanks for the submission. Overall I like it. Production is good. Musicianship is good. Harmonies are good. Even like the sparse drumming and basswork that slowly creep in. The two singers sound good together. Video doesn't add much, but it's the song that rings out anyway. The biggest problem I can see is while everything is pleasant and enjoyable, the chorus isn't memorable enough. It's not exactly forgettable, but it doesn't give the song the "pop" it needs to become truly something that the listener would need to hear again and again. Think it's worth the time tinkering with it to make it pop more. A little bit melodically there could make for a great song overall. 

Amazing Artists

Your voices are gorgeous together... and the lyrics are beautifully crafted in this intense, melancholy song. Really think this is great, and I would be amazed if our country music show host, Baylen Leonard, didn't decide to play it on his radio show in the UK, The Front Porch:

Here are FAQs about our radio station:

In order for him to play it, please upload it to and then drop me a line to say it's there, and I'll make sure Baylen hears it asap. Of course, all of our presenters hand-pick the music they play, and every piece of music uploaded is listened to, but I'd be happy to let Baylen know personally that it's on Amazing Tunes.

Best wishes,

Indie Band Guru

The vocal harmonies are fantastic.  they are the highlight of this very pretty song.  The mellow vibe relaxes the mind throughout the listen.  

Eric mcLellan

Lovely duet.  Probably not something I would sign, but I think the strength is in the writing.  This group should try to do jingles and pitch to advertising agencies.  Also film and TV

Leks Maltby

These Fine Moments have perfectly honed their folk-rock sound on "Patience," characterized primarily by acoustic instrumentation and angelic shared male/female vocal harmonies. The song is driven by a rock solid rhythm section, and some of the finest acoustic guitar playing heard in recent years. One gets the sense that the deeper connection between the co-lead vocalists in These Fine Moments informs their songwriting, ultimately resulting in more honest and emotionally open songs. Thus is the case with "Patience."


This is a really good song.  I really like it.  I love the harmonies and its simplicity which allows you to focus on the lyrics.  I would love to play it on the station.  

Alan Cross

Nice performance. I like how the voices blend. Production seems solid (that's a good-sounding room).

The question is "Now what?" Radio might be a challenge outside of those stations with a Triple A format. although NPR is definitely an option.  My suggestion is that you hire a radio plugger to get the fire started with some select stations through their speciality shows.

Are you based in Austin? It's easy to become immersed in that city's music community to the point that you don't want to leave. Beware of that. 

I'm not sure how well this will travel internationally. Amerciana of this sort doesn't always play well in places like Canada, the UK and Europe. You'll have to carefully pick your spots. 

Brody Ramone

A chill laid back track with sweet harmonies. Overall it is well produced and the sound quality is exceptional. 

Andrea Young

Love your harmonies! And the track is very well produced & arranged, professionalism shines through all the way.  Both of you are obviously very accomplished and talented.  So I'm not sure why that at the same time, the track doesn’t speak to me.  It could be the rock style of it that I’m not embracing, or the combination of the style and the vocals, it would need further discussion.  The video is great! – personal, engaging, fun.  Thanks so much for allowing me to give this feedback, and good luck with your music!

Ari Herstand

Please include lyrics with your submission. I recommend adding them in the YouTube description as well - and everywhere else you're promoting the song online. 

Solid production. Great mix. Great tones. Great performances. What amp is that? Cool seeing shots of the Leslie cab.

I did hear the cut at 1:09. I would have smoothed that out a bit more. It seems the fades were lost and it was a hard cut. The sonic atmosphere was halted suddenly and then restarted again.

It's not very "current" sounding, but I'm assuming that's not what you're going for. 

"Patience she said is a virtue that's dead hard to hold back in these hectic times" Is that the line? What was over when you opened your eyes? Patience? 

"The possibility rolls another had laid in her bed"??? Is that the line? Are you singing about your wife/gf who you suspect is cheating on you and is why she won't commit? Is that why she tells you to have patience?

"Undefeated means you've given up too soon." Nice 'tattoo' line. Not sure if I subscribe to that, but it's a statement for sure. 

Hard to follow the story. If there's a story. It seems that it's just a bunch of statements. I would have liked to hear more of an emotional connection to the story. How did it make you feel? What is this about? I'm not connecting to the story or the song because there's nothing that draws me in. It's borderline preachy without the personality. I should be able to understand where the singers are emotionally with the song. 

Don't love the video. Looks like it was shot with a combination of GoPros and iPhones. The GoPros are tough because they give the fisheye effect mostly. This definitely would have benefited from coloring and proper lighting. Great lighting and coloring is what sets the pro vids from the amateur ones. 

The slow dancing scene made me a bit uncomfortable. Doesn't really make sense. I would have just had the performance of the song and no other "music video" moments. It seems to be caught somewhere in between a performance video and a music video, but with no story. 

The moving shots were very choppy. Why is there the scene with the singer on her iPhone in the lobby? All of this could have been cut. Just keep it in the studio. You can have B-roll of studio moments, but the slow dancing seems forced as does the sitting in the middle of the room with the choppy camera circling. 

I wished it was a bit more artistic looking- that would have helped the video.

Solid effort. The song is much stronger than the video. 

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