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Nicolás Cóppola

Nicolás Cóppola

Composer, producer, graphic designer. From mind to byte.
A composer and producer from Paraguay. Influenced by genres like rock, progressive rock, electronica, heavy metal, new age, among others. Decided to start making music myself around 2012. I have 4 officially released albums.
music marketing, music writing, music production / mastering
electronic, downtempo, ambient, instrumental, chillout, industrial, progressive rock

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Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Arrival (From the EP Proxima 1) by Nicolás Cóppola

Bob Lugowe

Cool song with an ethereal vibe and very fitting artwork. I would suggest including a brief bio of yourself in the Fluence submission along with a working link to your music (this one doesn't work but I was able to figure it out). You should also consider making video or visual accompaniments for your music on youtube too. It seems you're quite prolific so keep up the good work!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Arumajiro, Part 2 by Nicolás Cóppola

Jared Losow

This is dope. Love the psych-y vibes and that persistent bassline that just kind of hypnotizes you. Almost as if Boards of Canada and Tame Impala had a baby in deep space while on LSD. Zombi is maybe a big influence here?

I love the synth-rock outro too. It makes me want to hear the whole album too as this track hints at the variety and range you might have on a full-length. 

I love the subtle yet effective changes throughout the song. Super effective. I also love the armadillo spaceship concept. Anything to give your music context within a story always help to pique people's interest. I would definitely develop that moving forward.

In addition to working on your sound, I would try and collaborate as much as possible. Do remixes, feature guest vocalists, etc. Also, start to conceptualize your live show. Fog machines, lights set-up, projections....they're not as expensive/difficult as you'd think. Since you're a visual artist at heart, I'm sure you can come up with some really exciting stuff.

Thanks for sharing your work with me. I really enjoyed it! I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

Bob Lugowe

Cool song with a bit of a Scandinavian space disco vibe throughout. I feel like the song could've gone on for a bit longer with some of the ideas fleshed out a bit more, but overall it was definitely enjoyable. I would suggest including a brief bio about the artist and description of the song with your Fluence submission along with links to hear more music. Also, you should consider making a music video, especially an animated or motion graphics vid to go along with this track as that would really complement it well. Besides that, I would say keep developing your sound and continuing to release music and hopefully something sticks. Best of luck!

Kevin Hugger

With Nicolás you know what you are going to get, namely a voyage into the electronic unknown with alien interventions, explosive asides and the sense that this could really be the journey where everything changes. And this tune is a purposeful exponent of that rule of thumb as it sets its compass to exactly nowhere on the map and takes off skywards on the good ship Cóppola. There are strange occurrences along the way, creepy synths, rumbling bass and otherworldly but unintelligible voices from the dark. And the narrative just doesn't plateau as there are tunes within tunes and while not everything works perfectly the sense of new planetary life is vividly drummed into existence. 

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

A Curious Rover by Nicolás Cóppola

Kevin Hugger

You’ve got to applaud Nicolás Cóppola for venturing beyond the commoner gardener topics and instead focus his attention on the planets overhead. I’ve always found his music to be an emotional experience and though the focus this time is on a machine traversing a distant dot in the sky you can’t help but get carried along for the exhilarating ride. Again, there are pointers to Jean Michel Jarre but in the main Nicolás creates a beeline for his own creative instincts. ‘A Curious Rover’ is a multi-dimensional composition that sets the scene time and again for the moment it hits hyperspace. Not so sure it will be breaking into radio playlists too soon but this movement could ride on the lolloping emotions of gamers all over the globe. Brilliant. 

Brian Hazard

Great concept for a track! I guess only one of your many space-related journeys. 👍🏻

The drums, with the exception of the kick (and later, toms) sound a little too off in the distance. I wonder if they were up a dB with less reverb, if they would work better. Maybe they'd cover the synths too much, or be too exposed themselves, but there's my first impression anyway.

The start of the second section is abundantly clear! Good timing too. The first section was just starting to feel like it was overstaying its welcome.

Maybe it's more that the whole thing has too much reverb for my tastes, making it sound dated. I'd prefer to keep the reverb sparse except on a few tracks, to make them stand out.

Kind of an odd area to focus in on, but the mix and structure seem solid for the most part.

Good stuff! I'm happy to share it. Except a tweet this week!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Kevin Hugger

Lazer beams or advanced signals from outer planets, who knows and with Nicolás Cóppola at the helm it hardly matters as he spirits us away to another time and place. ‘4th Movement’ is undeniably Jean Michel Jarre in direction, texture and wide eyed possibility. Whether Nicolás will ever have the budget to conjure a light show that this music deserves remains to be seen but in the meantime the scurrying synths will light up the night sky all by themselves. This is exciting creation, bulbous with possibility and harking back to a sound that will be familiar to many fans of the electro pioneers of yesteryear. Joyful. 

Brian Hazard

I'm wanting a dB more kick and bass, and definitely less snare (2 dB?). It really pokes out to my ears! Both of them - though the second isn't as bright and in my face. Or are you layering? Well, regardless.

Oh, there's a third snare at 2:15. Still loud, but nice and meaty! Sweet tone.

Sorry to get so preoccupied with the snare. It continues to command my attention above all the other cool stuff going on.

Really love the interplay of the bass with the synths above it, though it feels underbalanced as I mentioned earlier.

I feel like you could've extended the arrangement if you wanted to, but it works as-is. It never gets boring and holds my interest well. Just dial in the mix a little bit and it'll be good to go!

In the meantime, I'm happy to share it. Or I can wait for a new mix. Let me know!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

アルマジロ, Pt. 6 by Nicolás Cóppola

Kevin Hugger

It can be a risky plan to offer little or nothing in the way of signposts to prospective fans. For the most part I enjoy the sense of adventure that this course of action affords and ‘Arumajiro’ certainly is a piece of out-thereness that works best when approached blindfolded. This is like something that could have being imagined during the ‘Snivelisation’ sessions by Orbital, a space hop that does its best to avoid a pitstop on the green and blue planet in the distance. Why do so anyway when the greater expanses of space offer the latitude and freedom to let the imagination run riot. Like a free spirit that doesn’t have anything sitting on either shoulder to warn of the risks involved. I could listen to this piece of hypnotic electronica all day long and for that matter most of the night. Nicolás Cóppola weaves an enthralling ramble and he shares across the universe for all celestial beings and the odd human. The chilled out end of Ibiza should be waking up to this over the next few months. 

Andrea Young

Experimental as promised.  This grew on me as I listened. I don't have a place for it but thanks very much for your submission and best of luck with your music.

Brian Hazard

Alrighty then Nicolás! I'm leaning back in my chair. This is a long one!

Love the pseudo-organic pizzicati. They float beautifully in the space you've created.

Ah, and there's an arpeggio fading in, right on cue. And BOOM!

Sub bass is too intense here, and I'd pull the kick back 3 dB or more (and I love heavy kicks!). Have you tried sidechaining the bass to the kick? I bet it could come back a full 6 dB. Maybe that'll be enough to rein in the sub bass. Regardless, the kick is definitely way too heavy and overshadows everything else.

I really dig the way you fade elements in and out, rather than having them occur at 8-bar intervals. It's like I'm riding in a spaceship watching the planets recede from view. 😬

When the kick drops out at 4:55, the bass is quiet if anything. If that's at the same level throughout, I might bring it up a dB.

Those panned delays are sweet! It bounces and grooves even without the drums. Reminds me of B! Machine (check out "Constellation" if you haven't heard Nate's music - one of my all-time favorite songs).

I could've gone with another 4-8 bars of build before the drum entrance at 6:24. It felt premature to me.

I dare say this is my favorite of yours so far! Almost 9 minutes, and it didn't drag. Just a little adjustment in the low end and it'll be good to go. I'll share it anyway!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

アルマジロ, Pt. 5 by Nicolás Cóppola

Brian Hazard

I love all things Japanese, but I'm not sure those symbols are actually Japanese! 😳 They look sort of, alien. But awesome nonetheless!

This is going to sound weird, but I'm totally hearing the "Peter Gunn" theme in the opening descending chords.

At 1:12, the kick suddenly feels a lot heavier to the point of being overpowering. Maybe there's something going on with a synth that's reinforcing it?

Cool dropout at 1:48. Yeah, still hearing Mancini. The piano actually reinforces it. I wish it were a more realistic sample. The snare reverb seems a little much for the spareness of the arrangement. You might want to automate it down.

By 2:57, it's starting to feel a little same-y. Okay, now it's shifting to something else. Just in the nick of time I suppose.

At 3:44 I'm losing interest again. The warbly lead is kind of in the background and I'm not sure what I should be focusing on. I'm sure you'd say there's no "should" to a project like this.

The dissonance throughout feels remotely Japanese, but probably because you primed me with the characters in the art.

So yeah, really interesting track! Maybe it could move faster, or have a few more bells and whistles (literally?) in the second half, the arrangement unfolds well. I'm happy to share it!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Event Horizon Part I by Nicolás Cóppola

Kevin Hugger

What these fruity loops, these springy dollops of tinkling keys that were designed for the unicorn from your childhood imagination. It’s not quite Mike Oldfield although the guitar parts give that impression. If this is the intro then what follows is likely to be an opus to serenade a water display at a Barcelona fountain gathering. From hence we’ll get the light show and no amount of background chatter will disturb us from an evening of orchestrated romance put to music.     

Brian Hazard

Lovely work, though that's a lot of delay for this piano purist! 😁

There ringing high frequencies starting around 0:50 are quite piercing to my ears. I'm guessing if you pulled it up on a spectral analyzer, you'd see a lot of spikes between 10-20 KHz. The neighborhood dogs are losing their minds as I type this. 😂

Because of that ringing, the guitar feels like it's sitting under the synths, rather than alongside or on top.

And wow, this is a short one for you!

Regardless, I quite enjoyed it and am happy to share it. Thanks as always for bringing it to my attention!

Andrea Young

Hi Nicolas,
I played 'Warped Gate 1039' on my Aspenbeat show on 2/27, really appreciate and enjoy your music!  This track is an engaging track as a piano piece, and, it sort of wanders around a bit, which makes it a very good intro, but not inclined to play it outside of the experience of playing the entire album, which I'd like to know more about, what are the tracks and in what order?  Would like to sit and listen to the whole thing, send a link if you'd like. Thanks for your submission!  Continued good luck with your music.

“Feedback is an opinion, grounded in observations and experiences, which allows us to know what impressions we make on others". 
Sheryl Sanderberg, ‘Lean In’

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Orion's Belt Hotel by Nicolás Cóppola

Eric Oehler

This definitely has a space-lounge vibe going.  The drums are good-sounding, nicely understated while still setting a vibe.  I think they could benefit from a bit more variation, though, just to play down the "loopy" aspect.  Maybe a small fill here or there to punctuate a phrase, or bring in the more complex hat part earlier, and where that is now add a shaker or tambourine or something, just to keep a little forward momentum. If you're feeling way out there, a subtle tabla loop could give this s but of s "Buddha bar" flair.

My first instinct was to add a little more reverb to the whistly lead sound, for a more vangelis-y effect and to push it back into the mix a bit where it's so exposed at the beginning, but after a while I stopped thinking about it so it might not be necessary. A subtly bass might help that last half of the song feel a bit more climactic, too.

It's definitely well-suited for the chilout kind of environment - I can definitely picture myself hearing this in my favorite high-end bar.  I think to promote this your best bet is to pitch it towards "lounge" compilations and direct-music services that sell streams for places like upscale bars, spas, salons, etc.  this would be a tough sell for radio play, being so ambient, but it has commercial potential as a mood-setter.

Brian Hazard

Interesting how the lead notes don't fit the underlying chords. I know your music well enough by now to know that's not a mistake!

Love the swelling vocal sample, wind chimes, and of course, glockenspiel! A spacious and magnificent atmosphere overall, despite the troll belch at 2:28. 🤔

I'd prefer a touch more kick and snare, and a touch less hat, but we're well within the realm of personal taste.

Another great track! I'll definitely be sharing this one. Thanks Nicolás!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Prometheus [Chillout Remix] by Nicolás Cóppola

Brian Hazard

I totally hear the space thing. The opening descending line has a "NASA" feel to me, and those swelling pads are epic. Wonder if I would've felt that way if I hadn't read your description first! Hmm... 🤔

The drum groove starting at 2:20 feels a little thin. Then again, you're definitely going for a retro synthpop thing, rather than EDM. The synths are way out in front relative to the drums and bass. Which is totally fine! Just a stylistic distinction.

By 3:30, my mind is starting to wander. You've introduced the vocal pad (which is a bit overwhelming at times), but that's not enough to hold my interest over the same chord progression.

Alright, breakdown! Different drum samples, but they're still thinner than I'd like to hear.

Nylon-ish strumming at 4:40 seems a good 4 dB too loud. I like the way the sound shifts though! It's more than just the frequency cutoff. Interesting character. 

Ah, the drums at 5:30. Me likey! That wide clap in particular. I'd still like another dB of drums, but this at least doesn't feel buried.

This section with the slow-attack string zings is going on too long by a good 8 bars. Oh, and now it's over! Didn't see that coming. But it works!

I really like what you've done with this! There are no striking contrasts, and it sort of just travels along a similar trajectory the entire way, but that makes sense in the context of the track.

I'd be happy to share this with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Prometheus by Nicolás Cóppola

Andrea Young

If your 'main goal is to create vivid images in the listener's mind though music', then you have succeeded.  This is a beautifully creative and artistic musical expression that I'd liken to a piece of rock opera or theater more than a single or commercial release.  It may have a place as a synch piece for a video game, or as a theme for the right movie, and I'd encourage you to submit for those types of opportunities, especially music libraries for example.  I am enjoying listening to it, even if it didn't grab me emotionally as deeply as I wanted it to, it more skimmed the surface for me musically.  Hope that's helpful to you, thanks so much for your submission, good luck with your music! 

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Warp Gate 1039 by Nicolás Cóppola

Andrea Young

Well done chill track. It’s got a catchy beat and I was hooked on the musical theme of the first 3 minutes of this track, even knowing from its’ 8 minute length it would move on from that.  I’m always looking for 'hits' that I can include on shows and playlists, most of them 3 to 4 minutes long, so this is somewhat outside of that wheelhouse, but much to like here.  Send a high quality mp3 to me at and I’ll look to include it on a show and playlists as possible. Love your description of it “trying to evocate an R&B trip around the galaxy” Thanks for your submission, good luck with sharing your music!

Eric Oehler

It has a very definite krautrock kind of feel, which is both a blessing and a curse - on the one hand, it's a well-done example of the genre, but on the other it's VERY hard to promote an 8-minute synth jam, unless you can target it specifically to fans of Can, Neu, Tangerine Dream, etc.

I would suggest a few things - maybe bring out the little twiddly synth flourishes in the background - they're there, but I think they will help the track stand out if they're occasionally a bit more prominent from time to time.  Also, a 4-minute radio edit,basically condensing everything from about 2:45 onward, might be an easier "hook" to grab people before you hit them with the full epic.  

Brian Hazard

Another great track Nicolás! Reposted on SoundCloud!

The sixteenth note saw lead at 2:44 (and repeats) jumps out a bit much. I'm really grabbing at straws here though! The mix is solid.

I'm a sucker for vibes and glockenspiel. Nice work balancing out the arrangement with semi-organic sounds!

As with your last track, you do a great job changing things up at just the right pace. You never lose me, and I never get bored. MAYBE it drags a little around 5:13. Or put another way, it starts unfolding a little more slowly.

I love the cover art, but I think your description could use some work. "Explores many soundscapes and feelings" tells me nothing, and "something between modern beats and vintage sounds" is slightly more informative, but emotionally bankrupt. Maybe you could think of something specific that inspired you to create, if not this track, the work as a whole? There must be some story behind it, even if you're not aware of it yet!

I'll definitely be sharing this on Twitter!

Kevin Hugger

I’ve always thought that the relaxation room wing of a health spa was undernourished from a pipped music point of view. It always seems incidental, forever unchallenging and with seemingly no purpose but to kill the sound of silence. Pointless in other words, silly really when the lazer guided melodies of Nicolás Cóppola are much fitter for purpose. Cóppola’s ‘Warp Gate 1039’ has a softly focused yet engaging demeanour that will do wonders for those wishing for a inner mind that wonders beyond the drudgery of modern homogeneity. Forget the shopping that still needs to be done in time for Christmas and instead pick the presidential suite in a 21st century Millennium Falcon that has been specially commissioned for star gazing and new world discovery. Let the synth pulses massage your every electro brain wave, ironing out the kinks until the tunnel vision that emerges leaves you a better person, or at the very least someone with ideas and creativity to offer the world. Don your robe, gulp that exotic fruit drink and let ‘Warp Gate 1039’ take you to another dimension.