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Kristian Smith

We love this tune its messy in places yet organised well so it works. You have made Dubstep and Drum&Bass work together in the 1 track witch can be quite hard to do but you have done it so well done. So if you would like to release it and a few other tracks we have heard on your Soundcloud as an ep that would be great. Please contact us via email Thanks

Alex Stillhead

First impression was "ooh, this sounds like it's going to be dark!" although as the main bass synth came in and played the more major sounding (almost uplifting chords) it removed some of that mystery and darkness, and pulled it away from murkier territory.

After hitting the 1minute mark and things going WILD! I had a lot of fun actually - the craziness drifts nicely back into that original synth line too.

The synths at 1:47ish felt really good - nice addition. Maybe they could have even come in earlier? By the 2:12 mark the rhythm, bass and synth all working together gave things a very retro-futuristic feel - sort of Com Truise style.

Sounds like around the 3:00 mark it goes into some wild drum & bass thing - I liked that. I'm always down with some interesting tempo-switchups!

Now for the less positive stuff:

I think in general the track was well produced, but it lacked some of the subtleties of the sort of tracks that "wow" me. Maybe it was down to not much in the way of pad/light/air/texture sounds that add layers. The track felt very 1-dimensional.

The drums were "fine" but didn't seem exceptional. I think I'd want to put either more in, in the way of percussion and rhythm sounds - to bolster the existing drumtrack - or I'd want to do more to the drumline to break it up and make it less regular. At the moment it feels a little "plodding" in some sections.

The syntth/bass line - I liked it the best when it was low-passed, and as you brought it up towards the intro, it became less interesting - largely because it was more apparent and obvious in the mix I think - it didn't feel like an overly unique sound - more like a default, which put me off a bit.

For the most part - I didn't feel like there was any mystery within the track. I appreciate the most, the things which I can't figure out how they're made. If there are sounds, patterns, chords and stuff in there where I think "I wonder how that was made" - THAT's what REALLY hooks me into a track and makes me want to play it, sign it, support it etc - with this piece, I didn't feel like there was much I wouldn't know how to make fairly easily - which I think led to the simplicity of the track overall.

Hopefully this gives you some tips for growing your sound in future. Look at using more layers within your tracks - don't be afraid to really layer things up, then look at taking things away one by one till you have a nice balance - you may find you took away what you thought was a crucial piece, but ended up being replaced by something more unique.

Don't be afraid to go super-deep into making or sampling your synth sounds - go for sounds that nobody has made before. As a good example, check "Start From The Beginning" by Egyptrixx. That song baffles me :)

Drum & Bass is a healthy style to be experimenting with at the moment - but if it was me, I'd look at moving from the traditional rhythm patterns and exploring further into the deeper end. There is so much hype/jump-up stuff that if you try to do that you'll end up getting lost in a sea of mediocre tracks - aim to stand out in some way. Look at the likes of the two "Mosaic" compilations that were released on Exit Record for some incredible stuff.

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