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Sway by The Other Day

Andrea Young

I knew (or hoped) as soon as I saw your artwork and ‘Adult Contemporary Smooth Jazz’ note that I would love this tune, and I do.  Want to hear more from you!  Send a high quality mp3 to me at and I’ll include this in both an Aspenbeat show and a jazz show as well.  Great composition/melody/arrangement keeps me listening and the vocals are an engaging combination of sweetness and character at the same time.   This will go on ‘Constant Repeats’!   No murkiness here, thank you so much for the clarity in the production values, its a pleasure to listen to.  I’d edit the beginning and end of it (silence at beginning, some breathing at the end) but it’s wonderful.  Thanks for your submission, send more music!  Want to know more! 

stan stewart

I don't know if this song was submitted by the songwriter, performers, producer, etc., so I'll try to cover the basics across the board. As always, I'll remind you that this is just my opinion and I think you should get feedback from all sorts of reviewers in order to hone your style and sound.

Song: The familiar sounds, lyrics, and structure make your song easy on the ears. For the categories you mention in your promo (and on the image on the SC tune), that's a good thing.

Production: Perhaps this is a pre-production version of your song. If so, some of this obviously does not apply. There were a few sounds in the recording that did not seem intentional, especially the noise before the first guitar licks and the movement & breath noises after the final chord. If that's intended, find a way to really bring it out (e.g., sweeten the sound with EQ or delay). If not, just cut them. Personally, I would broaden the stereo spread for the vocal harmonies. Other than that, the production had the smooth jazz sound that you're going for, so all good.

Arrangement: Again, you provided a familiar style and framework for the song, so a very good match for adult contemporary, etc. This classic bossa sound obviously can have a broader appeal if you wanted to go for that. You'd have to at least downplay (if not remove) the drum kit for Latin hand drums and percussion. Add to that greater stereo spread & EQ (at least during mastering) and you may find a wider audience.

Overall: familiar stylings, emotional & breathy vocal delivery, the dulcet sound of classical guitar all give this song high potential. Keep them coming! (I will be posting your song on my social media feeds.)