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The Proud Ones by Various Artists - Topic

D Grant Smith

Good sound, well mixed and produced. Nice indie rock feel throughout. 

Matthew Linsky

Good work on the intro; it's playful and intriguing.

The verse is a bit monotonous. I found myself wanting to hear a wider range of tones. That can be accomplished through the top line or through a breadth of instruments throughout the arrangement (my favorite examples of this technique can be found on OK Computer)

I'm not exactly sure where the chorus is, which is not a good sign for a pop song but somehow kind of works for this (aka this could work pretty well for sync)

EOD: I kinda like it, but not enough to want to hear more right now. 

Areas of improvement: 
Top line - experiment with longer intervals
Songform - clarify your changes
Arrangement - experiment with more sounds
Production - include a wider range of frequency

Andrea Young

Love the tone of this, and the accompanying vocals, and the driving rhythms, and the depth of the arrangement/composition.  The somewhat atonal qualities of the vocals are gonna make it a tough sell at radio in my opinion.  If they could be tightened without compromising your artistic sensibilities, I’d suggest it.   Would like to hear more!  Send a link to the rest of the album if you can, and I’ll see if I can find something I feel comfortable playing on the radio.  Thanks so much for your submission, good luck with your music!

stan stewart

The beat -- complete with the incessant bass riff -- is a great hook. I also appreciated the surprisingly sudden ending after the repeats near the finish. The otherwise sparse arranging really works well in this song and draws the listener into the looped riff and vocals. I'm definitely curious to hear more from you!

Production seems good overall. I'd be curious to hear the lo-fi bits even more defined (i.e., even more lo-fi).

Stylistically, I'm grooving to what you're doing here. Personally, I think the song cries out for a brief interlude or bridge, but you should do what you want. It's your song.

As I said, this is a catchy song and I look forward to hearing more by Radiophonic!

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