Singer/songwriter/poet. Music inspired by the spirit of place.
Wren’s Celtic-inspired folk music evokes the lands and waters of the many places she has called home. Celebrated for her pure and original vocals and the “naturalness and philosophical bent" of her song-writing, Wren's atmospheric and intimate folk music speaks to dreams, the cycles of nature, archetypes & myths, and the dance of solitude and intimacy. Her albums are largely place-based, inspired by her lifetime love of the Salish Sea, her year in Galicia, Spain and, most recently, by her journey to recover from chronic illness, which has taken her from a small cabin in the woods in Washington's Methow Valley to Arizona's Sonora Desert in pursuit of healing. Her third album, due out in 2020, is a musical exploration of four seasons in the Methow Valley and the heroine’s journey.

“Seattle-based singer songwriter Wren brings a wonderfully addictive style of folk music to our ears. Her melodies are rich and her voice even a richer kind of sweetness. The songs are all a joy in their own way, taking the sounds of traditional music and keeping them moving with just the right dose of optimism and perseverance.”
 –Ear to the Ground Music
folk, indie, americana, indie folk, alternative folk
Seattle, WA

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Come Back River by Wren

Nate Maingard

Seeing as you didn't ask for critical feedback I won't give you any. I will say that this is a beautiful song, and I'll happily share it onwards 💝🎶

Huia Hamon

When Wrens voice comes through over the ambient guitar, it really shines clear and true, beautiful and straight through with all the feels! Immediately the listener is transported into a lush valley, birds, sparkles, and a beautiful river, which is the name of the song 'Come Back River'. If this is a taste of the upcoming album, the listeners are in for a treat! From the composition, the musicianship and to the production, Wrens talent is obvious and this is the kind of song you can listen to over and over again, finding new paths and new nuances. 

Thanks so much for sharing I so enjoyed that, such a treat with that beautiful voice and ohh all the feels of a summer day, I think I even saw some deer and butterflies playing :)

Publicity Wise, it wuld do so well on all our Bnets, lots of specialty folk shows and also on Radio NZ, (our national station) it is truly beautiful, you shoudl be proud and thank you for sharing with me (will be following for sure!). Please let me know when you album is out too? Huia x