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Jesus Christ by The Johns

Shamal Ranasinghe

I dig this -- all of it. You guys feel authentic and talented. Your description is one of my all time favorites at Fluence. You must connect with Travis Keller from Buddyhead. He's on Fluence too. Ask him for more recommendations on who to connect to. I think you should also talk to Red Bull Academy. I will forward information to you. Great work! I'm going to also refer you to Ari Herstand who will want to see lyrics and really get into your song and give you feedback. Also, definitely add info in your description so people can find you and your sites and info on how to connect with you. You've got great talent and style, and I can only sense that from your song. I'd love to more but can't hunt for it without help.

Travis Keller

This is great man... I dig it. Catchy and kinda 90s but still like dirty and fucked up. But still a hit... or at least a type of hit. Dug the lyrics too. 

Anyways... what's your deal? Do you have a label? Email me

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