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Alessio Papeo

Alessio Papeo

Alessio Papeo is a techno producer from Rome (Italy) co-founder of Anabasi.
Featuring support of Maceo Plex and others big names of club culture scene, his aim is to recreate pure techno sounds full of atmospheric textures and basses without melodies.

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Frederik Tepe

In general good sounds and synths. sometimes maybe a little too much. I like it more from minute 5:20. And maybe sometimes take the claps out after a big building? the end is very good;  great kickdrum and baseline!  Good work!

Alex Stillhead

Immediately I felt it could get a little tedious in terms of that throbbing 4-4 chugging along, but actually this could probably quite easily set a dance floor going! I think by the 1:00 mark, I'd have hoped for a bit more hi-end, maybe just a real tiny hi-hat click even - just so I didn't have all low-end sounds (handy for mixing purposes, I often don't bring the kick in till last).

Nice breakdown at 1:50, although I think when the beat kicks back in, I'm not sold on the hi-hats - they don't feel quite like they fit in - maybe their syncopated rhythm.

Vocal shops after 2:20 are nice - would have liked to hear a few more, and maybe some more processing on them - reverbs, reverses etc.

Love the synths at the 3:00 ish mark, and when it kicks back in at 3:35 ish the percussion feels much more together and solid. Not 100% sold on the hi synth/key line here though - feels like it's not *dark* enough for the track.

By the time I got to the 4:40 mark, I felt like I was ready to start skipping the track on a bit - I think length-wise, it's worth chipping this down, and maybe working to the 5 minute mark. Maybe just a shorter edit or something - unless DJs are going for the super-long mix, it just feels a little like it's dragging on by the last section.

In terms of sounds - it works, by and large it feels pretty solid and accomplished as a track. In terms of support - it's probably too peak-time for me to support on my podcast or mixes, but should I play live, and require some techno ammo - it's probably a fair choice, although it's not something I'd guarantee playing.

For me, this would sit alongside A Made Up Sound's "Rear Window" - but it misses the mark on keeping the percussions interesting, so it just lacks that special something in that case.

My advice would be keep at it - not necessarily this track if it's set for release - but keep producing, and keep releasing. You've clearly got an ear for the sounds and mix, and I think were you to start experimenting with your rhythms, and playing a bit more with broken beats you'd definitely have my support 100%!!

Nicholas Peltekakis

Listening to a Techno track that is over 8 minutes long is something of a rarity these days, so I was intruiged to see how this track panned out. The industrial, heads down, minimal vibe works very well, and the filtered vocal cuts give the journey a haunting feel; and this track definitely requires more than one listen to appreciate. The percussion intro at 2:00 and build at 3:30 really move the track along, with plenty of energy.

Overall a very good piece of work, probably a little too dark for my radio show, but this will go down really well at 4am in a dimly lit night club. Review copied to SC, if you have any further questions/comments please ask.


Daniel Casanova

sounds great. dark as hell. love it. 

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