Mark Benavides

Mark Benavides

Mark Benavides

Keys/Vocals for Rogues Among Us
Prog/Pop band from Houston, TX. Debut EP, The Watcher, now available at
hard rock, rock, alternative rock, experimental, progressive rock
Houston, TX

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Yugen by Rogues Among Us

Arielle J.

I love the haunting quality of the beginning of this track, really drew me in. The song is really polished and I appreciate that, though I wish the vocals came through a bit clearer. If you hadn't written out the lyrics I would have had a little trouble determining what they were. I do love the strength in the singer's voice, though! I can really see the Radiohead influence here (which is awesome because who doesn't love Radiohead?) but you really made it your own. I actually wish it ended on a stronger note instead of just fading out for the last 2 minutes ago, but regardless I love the unique sound and I'm always partial to something a little dark. =)

Raziq Rauf

Reminds me a lot of old Incubus, which isn't a bad thing. This is a decent track. I'd be interested in hearing more.

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