Parker Moore

Parker Moore

Parker Moore

Singer/songwriter/guitar player for Oakland, CA indie rock band Catholic Radio.
indie rock, alternative rock, garage, psychedelic rock

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Rain Is Done by Catholic Radio

Mike Mineo

Mellow keys and a bustling prog-rock assortment of guitars set up for an intro that reminds me fondly of The Wrens, immediately hooking me into "Rain Is Done". The serene vocals that follow, alongside the steady percussion and guitar/key push, show a more relaxed sound, reminiscent of jangle-pop greats like The Go-Betweens and their nonchalant vocals/caressing guitars hybrid. The transition around the two-minute mark to a minimalist yet captivating; the soaring interlude of sorts ("when the rain is done) is remarkably well done, serving nicely as a hook that leads into the gorgeous instrumental section around 02:40, when the backing organ serves as the organic backbone to a gorgeous guitar lead -- wonderfully reminiscent of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile, who I believe are the most accurate comparisons despite your sound being wholly original and successful in its own right. WONDERFUL work. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the very near future, and reach out to me at for details (rates/success stories) regarding my PR servicing if interested. Thanks for the submission. -Mike

Going Solo

A very interesting work. In the beginning it caught me like a good old indie-pop jam from the Eighties, reminiscent of The Go-Betweens and The Chills. The slow gentle keys and the tender vocals pave the way for a surprising transition from a jangle-pop sensation to a psych-pop band on the same path of acts such as TWOD or Mikal Cronin. Good job!

Since you're asking for suggestions, I'd recommend to hire a good publicist to promote your music. It's something that could really make the difference. I'll dig into your Soundcloud and share this song through our social pages. 

All the best.

Parker Moore submitted media.

Silver Kid by Catholic Radio

Alan Cross

First, I love the name of the band. Good choice. Fine production, too.  

If you're using a radio plugger, you'll probably have better luck at active radio instead of straight alternative since alt-rock has generally moved away from guitar-based bands for the time people.  That being said, there are always exceptions. This track might be melodic enough for stations run specialty shows. A company called UNCLE promotes material in your wheelhouse. I'd encourage you to see them out. The reunited Veruca Salt is using them with decent success.

Love the organ, by the way, It caught me by surprise.

I'll give a post on my site, Let's see if you get any feedback from that. And whatever you do, seed as many bloggers as you can with your links. Grassroots support is always good.

Parker Moore submitted media.

Year Of The Hanged Man by Catholic Radio

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and would be willing to explore more on Bandcamp (thanks for providing the links below btw).  It definitely had a nice mix of influences and styles and the multiple textures were the strong point in my opinion.  I hoped the end of the track that was just instrumental went on longer as a lot of the song was non-stop vocals and I felt the music itself was the strongest point of this track.  

The production, aesthetic, band photos, presentation, etc. all look and sound very professional so if exposure is what you're looking for I would suggest considering hiring a publicist, shooting a music video or creating your own with available footage online, and try to get on any local gigs with bigger artists and start establishing a name for yourselves in Oakland.  If you haven't already, you should also press physical copies (CD or LP) of your releases and have them available for sale at gigs and Bandcamp.  From there you can start bringing your songs on the road with a band of a similar size and hopefully have some more traction if a publicist is working out for you.  

Brody Ramone

Compared to your other submission, I really like this one. Overall both tracks are produced quite well and I really like the vocals on each.

Steve Marchese

About a minute in, I felt a definite Broken Social Scene type of thing going (in a good way) — a deft mix of classic rock, psyched-out indie, and a slightly Krautrock-inspired driving pulse. Solid musicianship with a memorable melody. If this popped up on a streaming radio station, I'd certainly take a second look. And possibly a third, or fourth. Excited to delve into the rest of the links submitted here. Solid, playlist-ready indie rock.  Crafty band name too: They are guilting this lapsed Catholic into sharing :)