Rick Romero

Rick Romero

Rick Romero

I am an independent musician, songwriter, producer and actor.  I create music in the indie/pop/alternative genre as a solo artist and as part of a band, as well as instrumental music and sound design for media applications.  I am co-producing an album with "The Zods" which is due for release later in 2015, and have just released a solo EP under the name "Possessed Of Zest" which I am featuring here on Fluence.  Key musical influences would be The Beatles, XTC, Supergrass, Ben Folds, Guster, Queen, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers to name but a few.
indie rock, alternative, indie pop
Hampshire, UK

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Watch Me Come Alive by Possessed Of Zest

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Hi Rick,

Great piece of close-harmony psychedelia... I do think the production could be improved. The mix levels are all great, but there's something about the sonics that isn't totally working for me. Needs warmth and fidelity imho. Maybe just try recording the WAV onto 1/4" tape and bouncing it back down into a WAV from that?

Either way, please upload it to AmazingTunes.com so I'm able to pitch you for licensing opportunities -  we draw 100% of the music we pitch from Amazing Tunes.

Thank you so much for playing it to me, I enjoyed it very much, and think our Amazing Radio DJ's will love it too :)

Best wishes,
Ysanne Spevack

Creative Director, Amazing Artists

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