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Thomas Collins

Thomas Collins

5-piece post-rock/instrumental/electronica outfit
Cities are a 5-piece post-rock/instrumental/electronica outfit, hailing from Swansea in South Wales, and London. The band was formed in 2013 by Chris and Matthew James (Bass and synth, Drums), Stephen Cribb (Guitar), Tom Collins (Synth, Samples) and John Wellings (Visuals). They have quickly built a small but dedicated following, mainly on the strength of their live shows, which effectively combine the dynamics, unpredictability, and chemistry of a live rock show, with the subtle, ambient textures of electronica.

The shows are also complemented with live visuals, which are influenced from the band members’ interest in Art and Film. Sonically, the band have been compared to Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky.

Their June 2015 release, Manning Alaska, is the band’s first attempt to recreate, sonically, what is essentially an immersive audio-visual experience. The 5-track E.P was tracked in the BBC studios in Swansea, and then mixed and mastered by Ben Williams, whose adventures abroad are the inspiration behind the E.P’s curious name.

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Clozapine by Cities

Craig Boliver

This is something I could listen to personally and I'm really glad I came across this audition. Great mathy mix of Battles style and building delay from Maserati. I've worked with and have seen a lot of bands with this type of talent and intricate sound, and it opens up a lot of different avenues that you could pursue. From the artwork I've seen and sounds I hear, making limited edition releases, special hand made packaging, and focusing on a core group of super fans is a great way to start foundation. Make the loyal ones feel special, yet put your music into the public (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/etc), there will always be a new set of ears to join you. 

Thomas Collins submitted media.

Frontier Light by Cities

Kenn Richards

I like the late 80's Northen England feel. In parts is reminds me of New Order as well as mid 90's Post-Rock. I wish it was a cleaner mix (the snare eats a lot of the space). The Bassline is fantastic. I would like it featured prominently in the mix. 

Arielle J.

I love the psychedelic feel to this song, I can really see this going well at big music festivals with some cool visuals happeneing on a screen in the background. It has a great balance of being both light and airy but also really picks up the intensity towards the middle. I really can't help but continue to think of what it would be like to experience this at a festival and while I unfortunately do not know much about how to get on a major festival lineup, if you were able to get one of those really early slots I think you'd really pick up steam from there. 

Tyler Martin

very cool tune. Really got me in the groove.
- continue to release cool jams on soundcloud, your fan base will grow
- have you ever performed your music live? Find some similiar artists and you could put on a really chill show
-great tune

Cousin Cole

This sounds like a good bed for vocals, but as an instrumental, I feel like something's missing. It could work in a soundtrack I suppose. There's a lot of interesting detail (especially after the 3:00 mark) and texture, but I guess I wanted to hear a lead part of some sort. 

Sonically on point as far as I could tell... Actually I think dirtier drums might be a nice touch.

Martin Bryant

This is the kid of music that could do well in sync deals with television to accompany sport and other types of output. Personally I found myself wanting more - wanting a spark of something that made it jump out at me and want to share it. It felt a bit flat, composition-wise. However, it was well-recorded with slick production and I can't fault that.

Jennifer McGillan

Definitely like this one a lot; starts out light and feathery and then the darker tones kick in, and they add heft and depth but are not too overpowering - some shimmer remains. I feel like it should be on the soundtrack to a high tech heist movie - very "driving the getaway car down a dim street with the computer portentously lit in the backseat" vibe. A++ well done would like to hear the rest.

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