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Salwa Azar

Salwa Azar

Fairy-tale writer and singer
Been writing music and songs since I was little. I'm still little but now I'm older, Ive started to perform it live too. Debut album self-released this year to critical acclaim, including BBC Introducing mixtape inclusion. Live set is solo, usually with just a ukulele and shruti and one hell of an audience participation song!
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metal, rock, folk, singer/songwriter, world music, ambient, acoustic, alternative folk, downbeat / electro-acoustic, film / video, soundtracks

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Floating In Milk by Salwa Azar

Michael Hunter

Yes indeed, this is the stuff!  Sometimes I like to just listen to the song, without even checking the artist bio or any other information, just to see the effect of the music itself without any other distractions, and whether it can grab me on nothing more than its own merits.  Easily done, in this case.  Purely as a listening experience, the playing is great and the subtlety works very much in the track's favour.  The somewhat minimalist arrangement likewise.

Listening to the lyrics a second time, it becomes apparent the music is clearly written to enhance their theme, and it does so in a way that could maybe be described as "moody" (but not in the negative sense), maybe "atmospheric" might be a better description.  I also like the way more words than usual are utilised for some lines; it doesn't make it all sound too busy but does add to the unexpected nature of the arrangement.

The playing is great and again shows the variety of music that a uke can be used for, and I found it easy to be caught up in the melodic vocals as well.  Everything works together, by itself and collectively in service of the song.  That's pretty much all one could ask, really!  I'll be happy to give it a play on radio and help spread the word a bit.  Very glad you sent it.

Brendon Veevers

Firstly, the name of the song is fantastic. Gives you an instant feeling that its going to be a mellow number and it lives up to it nicely. Really sets the mood fairly quickly with the piano which shows up at various points but never fully takes over - its knows its place on the track and allows the ukulele to own the song. The vocals are gorgeous and raw - perfectly suited to a casual number like this and suited to the instruments that drive the track. This is a really beautiful song! 

Mike Mineo

"Floating in Milk" is a beautiful piece of music that's initially led by a droplet-like assortment of plucked acoustics. This gentle lead finds itself gracefully accompanied by Salwa Azar's delicate vocals and a fragile piano line. The "autumn leaves fall off the trees onto the ground below me" line combined with this instrumentation provides a stunning visual that's aptly accompanied by the melody, which is minimal but resoundingly stirring -- like a gently breezy autumn day. The halted acoustic effect around 02:20 is a spine-tingling hook, in particular, that vibes well with the hypnotic allure of the lead acoustic melody. I'll be posting this on OS in the near future for sure. Thanks for the submission -Mike

Danielle Langley

SALWA AZAR.. I can definitely hear a lot of magic in your sounds. Perhaps it's the folk ukulele, or the way your voice so elegantly sings such vulnerable lyrics. I definitely love your sound, and can understand why you were featured on the BBC. Keep up the good work!

Robal Johnson

What a lovely song and what a lovely voice. I love the riff and the melody is very warm. Your Uke strumming is absolutely hypnotic. "Floating in Milk" is a perfect title, as I genuinely feel as though I am floating while I listen. I am on my fourth spin and I am enjoying it more and more with each listen. I dig your vibe and I would like to hear what else you have to offer. If I can help at all from out here across the pond, please let me know. In the meantime, I will pass your record along to a few industry friends here in NYC. Thank you so very much for sharing. 

Going Solo

The way you built this song is quite perfect. The combination between the ukulele strumming and the gentle, soft piano chords creates a warm vibe that fits perfectly with your tender voice. The track is very well arranged and succeeds in underlining some crucial lyrical moments, like the transition that starts at 2.00 and ends 45 seconds later. Lyrics are poignant and would be interesting know if they come after writing the music or vice versa. I listened to Floating In Milk  5-6 times in a row and I never get tired of it. I'll share the song through our socials. Thanks for the submission and all the best for your future career.

Kevin Hugger

2015 is shaping up to be the year of the ethereal girl vocal and Salwa Azar is riding that particular zeitgeist with consummate ease. ‘Floating in Milk’ is lo-fi folk in direction, as quiet as a mouse but possessing undeniable spirit. As such it is just made for lazy summer afternoons when the shape of later events have yet to be mapped out. The song sifts the nothingness for nuggets of reason and it more or less succeeds. Not bad for a girl who shifts between Amos and Newsom before discovering that it’s best to stick to what you know best, namely what’s been inside all along.  

Andrea Young

Had to listen twice to fall in love with it, its heady and just a bit discordant, but so very original and intriguing, and love the super chill 'folk ukelele'.  Please get in touch to send a high quality mp3 to me at and I’ll include it on playlists and an upcoming ‘new music’ radio show.   Thanks for your submission, will be looking to hear more about and from you!  Lovely!

Valida Carroll

Love everything about this.....There is something so light end effortless in your vocal delivery that really soothes my soul...Wonderful song in both melody and vox...Would love to play this on air...and of course, when you plan on coming through LA, I would love for you to play my weekly music series, Desert Nights...
Your soundcloud song thumb image is very fitting, btw....I think I knew as soon as clicked on it that I would love it...