Alexandre Castellan

Alexandre Castellan

Alexandre Castellan

Guitarist / Vocalist for Siriun, a Brazilian metal band, based in Rio de Janeiro.
Siriun was founded by guitarist/vocalist Alexandre Castellan in 2014 as a way to give life to his musical ideas, he decided that if he were to give his creation the power it needed he required the best. Enter world renowned drummer Kevin Talley (Six Feet Under, Daath, Feared, Suffocation, Devil Driver, BattleCross, etc), alongside Castellan’s longtime friend Hugo Machado on bass, the power trio have succeeded in knocking out a quality masterclass in forward thinking extremity.
music production, music writing, music performance
metal, heavy metal, thrash metal
Rio de Janeiro

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Transmutation by Siriun

Victor Salazar

I'm loving the drum track.  The double pedal work is exceptional and really stands out in this song.  It's fierce and crisp.  The guitar, though, is pretty muddy.  I can hear that it has some great hands behind the frets but the muddy sound takes away from appreciating the technical work behind it.  The vocals bring the song together.  They are not overpowering and is on the same level as the rest of the band in terms of overall sound.

I like the track and it's only a tweak or two away to make it exceptional.

Good luck, friends!  Keep up the awesome work!

Raziq Rauf

This is technically very, very accomplished - the riffs work really well. Good musicianship and the vocals are pretty good. The visuals fit in with this style of metal and I dig it. I'd come watch you if you get to LA.

Bob Lugowe

This is a really great song, production, video and overall presentation.  Clearly the artist takes themselves seriously by putting something out there that looks so professional and by having big names like Kevin Talley and Niklas Sundin involved.  Those names immediately caught my attention and I was impressed right away, even more so when I read that this is a 3 piece.  The styles found within the song are diverse as there is a good mixture of vocal styles and the clean breakdown in the middle is a definite highlight.  I thought the guitar solo at the end could've been a bit more epic / powerful but overall this was a really solid track.  

I do think that the artwork for the actual album (as seen on Bandcamp) should be up to par with this video, as it currently looks a bit amateur.   It is also worth giving the album away for free instead of charging $3 which is close enough to free anyway.  I would suggest playing with touring US or European bands in Brazil and establishing contact with them.  From there hopefully an opportunity to tour outside of South America will emerge.  Cheers and best of luck!