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Nicholas Peltekakis

A very accomplished vocal electro house track, all the components work seamlessly together to create a dance friendly vibe, I can see this gaining a good amount of support on radio stations and clubs. Whilst not breaking any new ground, this track succeeds effortlessly in a very crowded music area and does enough to stand out.

Black CaesarX

Wow it was as if unpeeling the future. Every twist and turn had a new fresh and excitable discovery to be made. Very well planned and composed. Should be a definite hit in the club and on the dance floor. The ending was unsuspected but added a very nice memorable twist.

There is nothing I can say that needs corrections, I'm just glas that there are some artists willing to explore that avnt-garde in music. Great job. Going to play it on our reverbnation widgets particularly one at Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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