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Shake The Cage by The Slytones

Jen Dan

Hi guys!  Wow, what a blend of musical style(s) on this footloose and fancy-free number!  I'm hearing an interesting mix of rock, ragtime, and what you've called "fairground avant-pop" and I call theatrical carnival sonics.  

I'm really enjoying the "base" of the song that's comprised of rolling runs of piano notes and jauntily hit drums and cymbals.  The changeable tapping and clacking percussion also keep the pace lively.  And on top of that, to give it some crunch, you add short rock guitar riffs.

I like how you work within the confines of the mainly 'verse, chorus, verse' structure to include varied lyrics that aren't too repetitive.  I'm assuming it's Ashley on lead vocals?  I really liked your lower tone, roughly exclaimed vocals that bring a menacing edge to the song.  I also like that I can clearly hear most of your words, as opposed to some other singers that mumble their lyrics too much.  Interesting lyrics too, like on the admission "I can't shake these demons / that shape my desires."  The back-up vocals are good too and give it a fuller sound.

Going back to the structure of the tune, I like that break near its end where you change to a slower pace and strip it down with just the guitar and vocals, until you add the drums, cymbals, and organ notes.  There's a great bit where you rip out your vocals with powerful emotion during this break.

Then it goes back to the regular format of the brisk beat and kinetic percussion contrasting with the foreboding vocals intoning "Shake the cage / Burn the stage."  It's a well done song, guys!  Interesting and fun to listen to.

Ali Spagnola

Wow, this immediately pulled me in. I love the energy! I love how I feel like I'm continually having new things thrown at me right from the start. New instruments, new riffs, everything weaving together in a open but complex work that's very dynamic. You do a good job of pushing me the edge RIGHT before I become uneasy, not knowing what's coming next but being compelling the whole time.

The one criticism I could give is that it was so complex, I was missing a point where I got a chorus that I could really grip on to as the hook. I understand you have the reprise "Shake the Cage" but I would have liked to hear that repeat more often or perhaps last a little longer. Give me some solid ground to stand on for a little bit.

I immediately replayed after it finished. So dope! Wow, I really love it. I'm usually not this passionate about submissions but holy crap this song is fantastic. I'm sharing it immediately.

Inspired Artists submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Would be interested in reading the lyrics for this. Sweet and almost haunting melody and I love how it builds up to an even cooler beat. Interested in hearing more from this artist.

D Grant Smith

Hits the right spot without showing its hand. Brilliant and beautiful guitar picks up to a different kind of folk ballad, adding vocals turns into a completely different song. Folk rock adds an electronic overcoat and an almost soulful umbrella for a walk on the town. Perfectly balanced and timed, not overdone in any part. I wish there were more submissions this well done. Send me more from this artist and I'll feature him on The Appetizer Radio Show.

Chris Lovett


Thanks very much for sharing with us. This is lovely! Really liking it. It has pretty much everything I love in music, great harmonies, a nice beat and a touch of melancholy! 
Will play on our next radio show and you would be a good fit for our shows at Strongrooms in Shoreditch (I see you are London based) so let us know if this is something you are interested in.
But good work - keep it up! Kx

Andrea Young

Honest feedback:  I don’t love the beginning of this song – too long already by around :20, and then I don’t relate to the opening harmonies between :20 and :43, and feel they detract not add to the charm of the song.  Also don’t love some of the beginning production elements (could be the mixing or mastering).  But I love the vocals and harmonies and the composition itself after that, great stuff!  The song also feels incomplete (if you’ve sent the whole song), needs further development and lengthening.  Would love to hear more from you, and find something to help promote and play on the radio.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

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