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Mychal Clements

Mychal Clements

Musician. Motion Graphic Artist. Media Producer.
Encino California

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The Return Home by Myke Clements

Greg Golterman

Hey man loved the track!! Definitely got the western vibes from it that you talked about in the description and I think there's something really cool in there that not too many people are trying right now! I would consider shortening the intro a bit so that it doesn't take up the full minute. The song develops into something super cool and I'd hate for people to get bored in the first minute and change it before getting to the good parts. I would also think about trying to layer another sound over that 1/16th note hi hat in the chorus (maybe a woodblock or some other percussive instrument that is still somewhat "western"). I guess the rest of my feedback could go in a few directions, depending on your plan for this song. It would be really cool to hear a version with vocals that plays off that western inspiration a bit but I'm not sure if that's the direction you're planning to take this. Overall, the song is so close to being done musically that I'd really suggest paying attention to the arrangement in order to get the best, most natural sounding finished product out of what you've already recorded. Keep people on the edge of their seats and don't be afraid to change up your sections more frequently or add in little samples here and there to keep the listener intrigued. I'd rather hear a brilliant song that's 3:30 long over a 5 minute song that repeats itself any day. 

Again, awesome work on the song dude! Keep up the good work and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your stuff on Soundcloud!


This is a great instrumental piece.  I could see this being played at the end of a movie or something like that.  The song is a bit lengthy at times but it is very enjoyable.  I look forward to hearing more from this artist.  

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