Julian Oquendo

Julian Oquendo

Julian Oquendo

Music Manager
I am currently the head talent manager at Left Ear Management
Los Angeles, CA

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Daniel Oakley

Good vibes. Digging the vocals and instrumental. You should reach out to Noon Pacific and see about getting featured in a weekly playlist or even release new music. http://noonpacific.com/

Noticed you are in NY....the house party and warehouse scene is perfect for this type of music but you probably already know this. Keep up the good tunes and good luck!

Going Solo

It's a great cover. Reworks very well the song of Local Natives, making it very personal and with a new look. It is not just a mere interpretation, but much more, which is definitely good and what I'm looking for in a cover.

I'll share it through our socials. Thanks for the submission and all the best for your future.

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