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Molly Moore

Molly Moore

caught in between a nightmare & dream | Shadow of the Sun EP: | @cosmosncreature
Molly Moore has been writing songs since she was seven years old, honing her love of singing and songwriting over the years that followed.

The Hastings-on-Hudson, New York native of German, Russian, and Polish descent was raised by musical parents who helped shape her soulful alt-pop. As her career expanded, she moved to Los Angeles. She wrote for electronic artists like Felix Cartal, DubVision, Dyro, Vicetone & Lost Kings, and her songs were also included on a number of television reality shows. Signed to Imagem Music Publishing, she released her debut EP, Shadow of the Sun, which included first single “Peace of My Heart,” in late 2015. Molly's latest release is a feature with Boehm called "Swallow My Pride" on Dim Mak.
music industry, singing, songwriting
Los Angeles, CA

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Drew Thurlow

I think this is really, really strong. The song is well written. It has that really interesting coda that adds an extra dynamic. Lyrically it's a clear message - and you can sing your ass off. The video ethereal and cool. Great work, I'm going to check out some of your other music. 

Going Solo

Really love the voice and your way of singing this song. Also, I enjoyed the dark, arty mood of the video. Maybe, the choral part makes the song's sound a little too bombastic but it might be just a matter of personal taste. I'll include this video in the next update of the blog's video section, which will happen early next week and will be shared on our social pages. Thanks for the submission.

Bree Noble

We'd like to air your song on the station. Please send us a private message on Fluence so we can connect and get your song on the air.

Alan Cross

Sexy video. Well done. Great performance and production on everything. Take THAT, Lana Del Rey. 

Now that you've got the song and the video, what are your plans going forward? How are you going to rise above all the noise that's out there? Some suggestions:

1. If you don't already have a radio plugger, hire one. This should be on a SiriusXM's XMU along with several other channels like The Loft.

2. Make friends with as many bloggers as you can. You need to build buzz. I like this enough that I'll post it on my site. 

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