Valtis Oficial

Valtis Oficial

Valtis Oficial

VALTIS Mexican Indie Rock Pop
The sound of VALTIS comes from melodies within an analog pop rock sound. VALTIS was formed in 2013 by four Mexican musicians. The band's goal to continue making rock music keeps them working in this new project.

Víctor Ziur (Vocals, guitar)
Ray González (Bass)
Abimael Sánchez (Lead guitar, vocals)
Fabián Salamanca (Drums)
live shows, music composition

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No Queda Nada by VALTIS

Brody Ramone

I speak very little Spanish, so I have no idea what the lyrics were, but overall this is a solid, upbeat song that has a super catchy groove. I feel this could easily get airplay on college radio stations that have a Latin themed music program. I would do some research and see what you could do to get your material featured on blogs and stations/programs that would hit your target demographic! Good luck and keep up the good work!

Leks Maltby

Distorted jangly electric guitar leaps out of the gates before the rhythm section kicks into high gear. The Spanish language vocals are refreshing amidst a sea of mediocre English language pop music. Instrumentally, this song takes nods from 70's era classic rock, with lots of 90's grunge influences peppered throughout. At times this song sounds like it could be a Spanish Pearl Jam song. The shared vocal harmonies in the last stretch of the song create a vocal crescendo that elevates the intensity of the song to an entirely level. Ultimately, the song dissolves into a sea of distorted feedback, ending much the way it began. A thoroughly rocking tune if ever there was one.

Kevin Hugger

Valtis make a loose jangling sound and it matters little that they sing in Spanish because when the good vibes swill around with this level of abandonment it is very difficult to resist. ‘No Queda Nada’ is a free spirit of a tune, high octane and unafraid to issue melodious smiles to all listeners. The chiming guitars are a perfect foil for the harmonising which is simple through but hugely effective in focusing attention on the warmth of spirit in this recording. A glorious summer jam.   

Andrea Young

What I like best about this is the vocal harmonies in certain parts of the song.  I think that’s the band’s biggest talent and strength by far.  I’d love to hear the harmonies in a different arrangement or mix -- the music behind it is sort of old school rock and roll, and I think that could limit its’ exposure -- in the U.S.,  at least, if that’s what you’re going for.  And if so, I’d suggest at least an English translate for your website and social media.  Lyrics please, what is the song about?  Further work on production and arrangement could make this more of a hit.  Let me know if you’d like more help in promoting your music.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with it!