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The Cutting Room Floor by Will Peake

Souterrain Live

Hey Will, thanks for sharing with us, this is a really nice delicate, lo-fi offering, something that has many layers to it and elevated by the soft vocal tones. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. I think you maybe tease a little with the length, it could have gone on for another 30 seconds or so. Even though you have had it mixed by someone else, I still think the snare could have been elevated a bit more, it appears to drop out a little in the first verse. If that was intended, so be it, but something doesn’t sound quite right there. The further you move into the track the more mature it gets, the guitar elements are really good, very summery vibe so good timing. Let’s get this out in peoples ears now while it’s nice. You’ve been going at this for a while now so sounds to me you are really finding your sound and having a quick listen to some of your other tracks, I think you’re almost there and happy with your outputs. In regards to promo, we’ll stick with some core things to start with and if you do those things well you’ll have a good platform to move on. Right let’s get this on a blog, an influential platform people look for to tell them what is good and what isn’t. Have a look at submithub, it shows you a host of blogs to send your music to, focus on the ones relevant to your sound and submit your track to them. Research a good number and keep track of who you have sent it on to. Some will like it, some won’t. That’s the way it is, but make sure your bio is visible on your core platforms, soundcloud, Facebook etc so a write can easily add some content. When submitting, provide some steer as well what your background is, what influenced you to make this song, challenges, positives etc, it all makes for engaging content. The easier you make it for the blog to publish, the more chance you have on getting it featured. While you’re doing the submissions here, also give the radio avenue a go, tunein is a decent platform for online stations. Get your track on air! You should in theory do these at the same time so you have some consistency in promo. These avenues should cost nothing in regards to money but time. Make the effort. Submit your songs to online stations and when your song is played on radio, shout about it, don’t be humble. It’s a powerful tool for further activity, and that’s point here, always have activity, something planned or currently going on. If you plan well, your product will be listened to by more intrigued people. The other promo avenues are important but I think give these two your time for now and then understand the success of those before moving on. Have a benchmark in your mind, eg 5 blog features or 5 radio station plays or a mixture before moving on.  
I see you’re based in Atlanta, that’s one of my favourite places, I hung out in Cabbagetown recently and the belt line. Good people. Exciting things happening. Do you busk? If so it may be worth thinking about playing s few tunes on the belt line to see what the reaction is. Granted I’ve only been there once but there seemed to be a decent alternative life view in parts, and that could be your best audience to start with. Those willing to listen to someone with something to say. Anyway, I hope those avenues are good to start with, we will of course share around and now off to listen to the rest of your music. All the best. Chris. 

Alan Cross

Very nice! Certainly in keeping with some of the stuff we're seeing on the alt-rock universe these days (although the music is definitely turning harder and more aggressive. Blame Trump.)

I don't have any notes on songwriting or production (except for the denouement and ending; the track just kinda...ends without any firm conclusion; think about that), so let's move right on to some tough questions:

1. What are your career goals? Radio play? Recording? Licensing and syncs? Income from a publishing deal? All these paths need to be investigated.

2. Your social media strategy will be key. Make sure that you reply to every comment that may come in. Turn early fans into evangelists, especially the ones who contributed to this video. Get them to spread the word. 

3. If you don't already, get someone to handle getting your material on streaming music services, especially someone who knows how to get your songs on the best and music influential new music/new discovery playlists. They're becoming increasingly important. 

4. If radio airplay is important to you, get a radio plugger. They know how to get to the right music directors. Work with both campus stations, public radio and commercial alternative/AAA radio.

5. Make friends with as many bloggers as possible. Even the smallest want to think that they can discover The Next Big Thing. Every little bit of coverage helps.

6. Play live as much as possible. Nothing is better than having a group of strangers giving you real feedback in real time. But I have a feeling you knew that, right? 

7. If the budget allows, I'd seriously think about putting something up on YouTube, even if it's just a lyric video. That's still the biggest source of music discovery out there.

I'll post this on my social networks. That's good for at least 100,000 people. Let's see if that gets you any new fans.

Bob Lugowe

There's definitely some talent on display here. I thought the beat and production was really good though I wasn't crazy about the vocals. Since you're still early into your career, the best advice would be to keep making music, collaborating with other artists and honing your craft / own sound. I think this particular track could totally work as a hip-hop beat or even an instrumental trip-hop / ambient track. You should definitely work on building a social media following as well and include links to hear more of your music and follow you online with your fluence submission. Consider putting your music on bandcamp too if you haven't already. Best of luck and keep at it! 

Brian Hazard

Nice to meet you Will!

My first thought, as a mastering engineer, is that this doesn't sound mastered! I like dynamics as much as the next guy, but it's about 6 dB quieter than most stuff you'll hear on SoundCloud.

By the way, what is SoundCloud style production? 🤔

I like the bass-heavy arrangement and can hear the various stylistic influences you cite. You've got a distinctive sound!

Oh wow, that ended before I thought it would. Okay, second spin.

Vocal-wise, the second note is super sharp so right off the bat your singing ability is called into question. After that it's actually mostly on, but not exactly tight. The vocals could use more compression IMHO to keep them from falling too far under the mix.

I don't think this one is quite ready to share yet, but I like where you're going with it! Thanks for sharing it with me.

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Will Peake submitted media.

Reflections by Crystal Maverick Band

Bob Lugowe

First of all I would suggest including a short bio and links to hear more music in your Fluence description. Since your album is coming out tomorrow, you're likely not going to get a premiere for a song since I assume it will be available on all streaming services. The song is nice and dreamy and you definitely have talent though I think you should continue to write and record music and work on honing your craft. Also, make sure you're on Bandcamp. Best of luck

Will Peake submitted media.

A Letter To A Friend by Crystal Maverick Band

Bob Lugowe

This is a really beautiful song with poignant lyrics and a lovely voice, excellent work! For starters I would suggest including a short bio about yourself, the lyrics and links to hear more music in your Fluence description. It seems like you've got some songwriting chops so getting out and playing is probably the best thing you can do to hone your craft. You should also settle on an aesthetic for any project that you plan to take to the next level so that everything is cohesive and you have imagery powerful enough to match the music. Best of luck!

Andrea Young

Agree, you have to jump in the pool and get started to understand where you fit into the ecosystem of the business of music, thanks very much for sending this along at this stage.  The track starts out great --  you've got me for the first 45 seconds or so.  I like the tone and simple production values on it.  But after that, there's some discordant tones that we wouldn't want to hear over and over again (example -- "I'm moving too, don't you mistake").  There's some strange background noise around 1:15 or so by the way.  We'd like to hear more work on the vocals, musical performance and composition (lyrics and melody both) and how they all connect with each other, before we could consider featuring a track like this.  But overall much to like!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music, hope you keep at it.

Will Peake submitted media.

Hot Air Balloon by Crystal Maverick

Jen Dan

Hi guys!  Just listened to "Hot Air Balloon", which is an interesting song title because the flow of your song has a floating quality to it, although I picked up more of a 'rainy day' vibe to it, with the contemplative and restrained sonics and vocals.

Nice work with the delicate picked guitar chime and occasional whisper of reverb guitar - and also the waterdrop plink of the piano notes.  The sing-talking, sighing vocal delivery also compliments the overall subdued ambiance of the song.

It's definitely a lyrics-centric track, and while I couldn't catch every word, I do like the key refrain "What we sing is what we believe / What we believe might not hold to be true."

While I do like the style, vocals, and instruments, for some reason I felt like lightly pulled symphonic strings should enter the mix halfway through the song or closer to it end.  I don't know why, but I was waiting for some addition like that.  Or maybe having the guitars come on a bit stronger by the end.  That's just my opinion.  The song is fine as it is if the intent is to create a hushed, hesitant, mellow, slightly melancholic atmosphere.  Nicely done!

Jakub Adamek

Definitely on the poppier side of psychedelic rock, but hey, psych rock isn't all about tripping balls on acid. This one is more like some mild weed, the one that lifts your mood, but doesn't shoot you all the way into the stratosphere. You're still flying with Crystal Maverick, but as the track name suggests, it's a mellow hot air balloon ride, not a space rocket flight. And I'm a huge reverb fetishist, so the gentle, tasteful use of this effect really works for me. Great job!

Will Peake submitted media.

Under Fire by Crystal Maverick

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