Tom Butler

Tom Butler

Tom Butler

I am a producer and singer from Hertfordshire. I make electronic pop music.

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Reflection by Darkly

Sean Adams

This is really great. Not necessarily something we have an outlet for on DiS, but I know quite a few of our writers like LA Priest (worth searching for bloggers covering their stuff as you're not a million miles away). Have a feeling  who writes for us and a few other places might be a fan.

Try sending it to my friend - he's a radio plugger and also manages John Newman. 


I'm a sucker for a sucker for dark, brooding pop music. And your track fits that bill. What nails this track for me is the way it builds and builds into a warmer more rounded pop track. I hear so many tracks that don't properly develop, and become kind of stale as they progress. But 'Reflection' manages to keep building the interest, which isn't an easy thing to do. I'll be interested to see how your sound develops over the course of an EP or LP. Thanks for the submission.

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