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Revolt by The Unravelling

John Waltmann

Didn't quite know what genre of music to expect when hearing the first few bars of music! Not that is a bad thing. Very NIN vibes going on here and production is solid and guitars are heavy. If your main mission is to push this song for licensing opportunities, you'll want to make sure you have instrumental versions of the song on hand as well as a clean version. I could see this fitting in really well on some WWE wrestling series or intro. Video game placements would also be a great avenue for the instrumental music. Keep it up! The artwork is great and ties in with the music being a modern electronic/heavy rock combination. Nice work here. 

Taylor W

I was actually into the song. I liked the arrangement and how even for a 4+ minute song, it didn't feel like it was dragging along. My one qualm was that the overall quality sounded far too polished for what I'd want to hear with this type of rock song. Especially given that there is a vocal growl, there was no grit to accompany that and it felt flat at times. 

Tillie Elvrum

Very well produced. Really like the bridge and chorus and the way the song builds in the last 30 seconds.

Yeah, I'm into this! I am impressed to hear you guys are a duo, I love a 2 person band. This definitely has all the right pieces of Tool, FNM, and I'd even say some Marilyn Manson (if you check out the newest album). I think you guys could find a place for this music in action films, and I would probably go to your show if you came to the Philly area. There is actually a 2-piece-band festival every year in Philadelphia. 

Anyway, the production is well done. The guitars sound great. Good work!

John Kuzara

I like all the instrumental use on this track. Strung out guitar and heavy-hitting drums always makes for a big opening and builds anticipation, so well done on that! The vocal seems a bit restrained at first, but seems to ease up more as the song goes on. Reminded me of My Chemical Romance's later stuff, not sure if that was the sound you were trying to go for but it worked for them right? Just before the break: the guitar eased into the forefront really smoothly before switching back to underlying the vocals, utilised well. In fact throughout the guitar provides a decent bed for the singing, coupling with subtile synths that peek out every so often. Liked the track, keep making music!

Scott Cohen

It sounds really great but I would like to hear more elements that make it sound modern.  I love the music but I worry that it may sound a bit dated to other people.

Tim Chipping

This sounds very impressive. Hugely confident and accomplished. Should've been included on the Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack. However it's not my field of music really, so can't offer any assistance at the moment I'm afraid. But thanks for letting me hear it. It's blown the cobwebs away on a Saturday morning!

Jakub Adamek

Deeply cinematic, plodding rusted industrial rock that has some hidden love for massive guitar drones. echoing riffs and distorted Teutonic ambience. It makes a killer theme song with its catchy choruses and crystalline production which still manages to pack a punch. Quite thrilling.

Victor Salazar

Love the unique, sound.  It reminds me much of NIN during their Downward Spiral days.  And on the lyrical level, it goes into a deep, stark place.  This particular track feels likes it's more of an inner revolt more than anything else and the music, with it's heavy accents and pounding drums, conveys the inner battle within.  Awesome job, guys!

Brendon Veevers

I initially went into this track with a little bit of apprehension given that my musical preferences don't tend to sway too far toward the heavier genres but I gotta admit that this is a pretty epic number! Love the gloomy feel to the track. The instrumentation forms a very quick cinematic and eerie atmosphere and where it probably could have been far too easy to overproduce a track like this there seems to be a noteworthy restraint on giving it too much oomph. I think that is why I really enjoyed the track and wasn't turned off by the genre. Vocals are strong and the track really was made for radio (and a meaty soundtrack too)! I think that if you can appeal to someone who likes predominantly pop music - you have yourself a winner here! Gonna add the track to our Hot New Tracks section on Renowned for Sound guys! 

Arielle J.

Love the way this track opens - really drew me in. When the vocals came in I was little surprised - I sort of expected a more subtle vocal with some understated pain and anger (think Kurt Cobain). Your bio has a pretty detailed description of your sound though so I know that's not your style - just my expectation based on the heaviness of the music. I love an industrial sound so that was really great for me, especially the breakdown in the middle. Overall I think the song was a bit too long - there really needs to be more diversity and story within the music in order to warrant something being over 3.5 minutes, to me. I started losing interest as the song went on but I think if this were more concise it would be really powerful. And upon a second list the strong vocals seemed more apt to me now that I'm expecting it. I dig the cover art, too.

Chelsea Schwartz

Not typically a genre I listen to a lot, but when music is quality the genre doesn't matter. I feel you pull off this blend of industrial and hard rock well. The verse vocal is unique, but not distracting. Definitely hear a Nine Inch Nails vibe, and even a little Marilyn Manson. Would be interested to know if there's a music video due out soon.

D Grant Smith

Musical textures here are foreboding. Not a typical metal tune, seeming to throw an olive branch to Trent Reznor's method of musicality. Perfectly good tune for a soundtrack, seeing that the movement and style could fit the upcoming Suicide Squad fairly well.

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. This is pretty good but not really my sort of music or something we specialise in at DiS. I've sent this on to my friend Raz who runs a site called ThrashHits who is a big Tool fan and suspect will be into this. Best of luck.

Max Schneider

I dug this song right off the bat. You've got a nice atmospheric intro and the gritty vocal sound compliments it well. The dissonant, ambient guitar fills between versus was a nice touch as well. Everything related to production, sound is great and fits the sing well. Gotta say though, I was kind of waiting for this song to get huge, and it never really came. feels a little like a tease man. That's my only real criticism of this song. For me, dynamics are everything and it felt like you had chances to change up the sound a little bit as you went, maybe adding bit players. The songwriting talent is clearly there, I just think that song could have used a few  tweaks 

Brian Lush

I'm very intrigued but what I just heard. It's TOOL meets Nine Inch Nails and while this may not be at all relevant really liked the artwork. It drew me in as I was listening to the song. I hope there is a music video in the works for this track - I'm sure it would be amazing. Probably getting ahead of myself. Please keep ROCKWIRED.COM and ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE in mind we would love to profile the band when the album is released. 

Black CaesarX

Not bad, a couple of points however that could vastly improve where your going with this. First although that's what you might like, the tempo is a little dragging. If you up the BPM during main parts of the song, the listener won't be like comeon' let's get this baby pumpin. The guitar parts are nice duettos and heavy metal riffs that really fit during solo's (hooks I think you guys call them now) and elsewhere. Vocals are good with proper levels, but what's up with the drummer?????? No offense but did he forget to bring the whole kit? Double deep pumping bass drum is nice, but rolling through a complete set with snares and toms woulda put this over the top and especially if he had that Qissssshhhhhh Qissssshhhh of the cymbals I could here in my head but weren't there.

Overall pretty BadAss good! 
FINAL SCORE: ╭∩╭∩╭∩ (︶︿︶)∩╮∩╮∩╮ 6THUMBS UP ℬℒ ∀☪Ҟ☪ᗩᗴ§ᗩℜ✘ rated✌