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Brace Yourself by Todd Michael Schultz

Chuk Jones

Nice flow on this track and I like the anthemic chorus. I'm a fan of music that sounds good without all of the fillers and background noise of today's pop. I like this one because it is simple and sounds good. Nice work.

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Walk Away From My Heart by Todd Michael Schultz

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel Acoustic 2 by Todd Michael Schultz

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Doorstep by Todd Michael Schultz

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Brick By Brick by Todd Michael Schultz

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Nick Suell

TMS, I really like Hotel. I like the storyline and how you've said so much using simple and clearly relatable analogies. The caliber of songwriting supports the quality of the production of the track. The chorus is awesome! The big group sound really works for this track and the the string patch. This is would be a great track to perform with a band & small [orchestra] ensemble or as a acoustic set. Totally Sync-able! I can already hear this in a film or on TV. License this TMS!! 

Raymond Flotat

Overall I like the song, but I think it still needs a little more work. The chorus is the best part and sounds ultimately clean, memorable and professional. However, the verses are the part where I think the most need for improvement is. On one level, the 2nd and 3rd verses seem to go on a bit too long. The added backing vocal flourishes are nice, but they would both benefit by taking the listener back to the hook just a little quicker. Furthermore, the lyrics in the verses could use a little more work. It's not that they are trite or embarrassing (which is a good thing), but some of the end rhymes are a bit predictable. It almost feels like a rhymed stream of consciousness. Would suggest taking a little more time to try and rework them a bit. It doesn't need to be startling and shocking, but a little less predictable in the word play would go a long way here.

Chris Heintz

I don't have too much negative to say about the record other than the mix. I think the mix should be a bit dirty yes, but feel like overall it could sound crisper/wider and just have more depth overall. I really like the concept to start. I'm all about great and innovative concepts and you've nailed it here. I love how you compared a relationship to an old hotel....freakin genius man. The production shows great musicianship and the arrangement is really strong. The chorus is big and catchy as well and sounds like it would fill up a stadium by itself. I really think this record could make some noise. Great work man. I'll definitely be reaching out to you ASAP. 

Mike Mineo

Bright acoustics and gentle radio-friendly vocals make "Hotel" an immediately accessible track ripe for radio airplay. The effervescent chorus, with the choral-like vocal exuberance and joyous handclapping, is a pleasant hook that is enough to carry the predictable structure. The interlude just past the two-minute mark mixes things up nicely, bringing it all together for the expansive final chorus. A pleasant track that should please both fans of upbeat dance-pop and anthemic folk-rock.

Maggie Murphy

very fun. feels poppy. and boy band-ish. i wonder, though, if the hotel metaphor gets a bit strained. i wish the songwriting was a bit more effortless. but a good start. keep me posted on your material. 

Orange Peel

Personally I call this advertisement music, you probably disagree with this term, but i don't mean it in a negative way! It got that hook everyone would like to sing-a-long, very well produced instrumentals with a drive that's going directly into your feet, but for me the thing missing is the uniqueness. All in all, it sounds like a song who also could have been written by Miike Snow or Mumford & Sons, .... Try to find a niche for yourself, so everyone is recognizing that this is Todd Michaels summer anthem!

Christian Lane

I listened twice. This is a nice song. Nice melodic structure, good production value. You found out how to make a chorus into a hook. Some very subtle sting beds, a dulcimer, and you are on your way. If you have a live show, you can certainly find favor in the summer festival scene.

James(GODFATHER) Jackson

this is a good song

Tyler Martin

- Love how the sound slightly cuts out when you start singing!
- Very mellow vibe, its really relaxing
- Love the chorus drop/chorus (how there is a chorus of voices)
- then once again the subtle breakdown/slowdown at the beginning of the verses is awesome!
- Surprisingly good lyrics too, sound really nice and relatable. 
- Keep releasing new music, this is a catchy tune, if you release new tunes constantly your fans will grow faster!

Kier Lehman

Great track. I like the lyrical concept, something original but also universally relatable. Really good production and good use of the driving beat and group vocals. I could see this working well in a romantic comedy or drama production. Thanks for sending, I would totally pitch this if I had the right scene. 

Brody Ramone

A refreshing track with a great set of vocals! I really dig this track and could see it being played on my shows. Follow me on my socials and let's get you some airplay!

Matt Mason

I liked this - got all the elements to be a big summer tune. The vocal was strong and catchy. It's still playing in my head. Nice work!

Benji Rogers

Great Hook!

Disco Naïveté

Not too bad - needs a bit more punch to really impress me I think. Lyrics are good, melody is good, those backing vocals are very summer pop (thus good), vocals produced well - can't really pin-point anything apart from the punch I'm missing, I think. Emphasize on the chorus for that beat/punch, as that's your key moment in the song.

This is a blog/streaming song so focus on blogs and make sure all streaming outlets are streaming the song. The one flaw I see here is that the song is about loneliness and most people that share a song with this kind of sound want that "put your hands up" "summer is fun" kind of theme, so there might be a little struggle there too.

I see you also submitted an acoustic version - I'm eager to hear that!

Scott Cohen

A really great surprise.  I love the track.  What is your situation?

Ari Herstand

I love the first verse. The way it's setup is very strong. I'm instantly captivated into the story. I'm right there with you. Great imagery. 

It leads into the chorus very well. I like the chorus lyrics more than the melody. It could be catchier for a pop song. 

Verse two is where I feel the lyrics start to deviate. I wanted the story to continue but then there's a metaphor thrown in (best friend's the bell hop). So now I'm confused. I don't love "tip top." And you used "I don't care" in both versus. I would have tried something else

The production choices are a little confusing. There's a processed acoustic guitar and swooping laser sounds. It feels a bit dated - mid 2000s. The audio quality also is a bit low. I'd make sure to upload the full wav version to SoundCloud (not an mp3). 

I get that this is an attempt at arena rock. Imagine Dragons esque. But for all out pop it needs much bigger production. This doesn't hit hard enough. I'd find a different producer. And some cowriters. This almost sounds like a demo.

A side note - I went to your website. Very turned off by the bio. If you call yourself humble, you're not. And your bio drips with arrogance and entitlement. It's quite amateur and unprofessional. Some of the statements in there are ok for a personal statement - or facebook, but for your official bio (that press needs) this is a complete turn off. Find a professional to write it. And mention that "The Road To Pop Stardom" is your web series. I didn't get that until I clicked through to "Episodes." 

Stay authentic and true to the music. Not the fame. Everything on your site (and in the YouTube series) seems like this is all about you becoming famous. Not because you love music. What's the "3 internationally-airing theme songs." You should list those. 

Why are you in the music business? Is it to become famous? Because if that's the case, it will never happen. You need to LOVE music with all of your heart. You need to live, eat and breathe music. There are much easier ways to become famous than the music business. Those at the top of the music game are OBSESSED with THE MUSIC (not becoming famous). 

Sean Adams

Good to meet you at the Fluence event last week. This track is quite good. It isn't really my thing (my tastes a little more melancholy). Can imagine people who are into Bastille in the UK might like this, so worth doing some research on people who've posted about them - isn't really my world so not too sure who to suggest I'm afraid. Best of luck.


This is a great song with great lyrics.  This is definitely the break up summer song.  I would love to play it on the station.  

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is just a great song. Well done. I think you have a hit on your hands and would love to share it more people. I'm on my third listen and am really feeling it. I don't have much advice to add other than keep getting it out there! I'm going to share to my peeps. Thanks for sending this to me. I really dig the tune. I'm going to refer you through Fluence to some folks who may be good for you in collaborative opportunities. Check out their profiles and see if they can be useful. 

Chris Wise

Hey Todd,

Thanks for sending this through 

Hm, really like this song 

I think your songwriting is great, with the lyrics really working with this track very well 

Its a well produced track, but here is where I have a minor gripe, is that it has electronic elements mixed with folk music, which could clash a little bit 

I think it could have an alternative mix, and perhaps a more 'EDM' type mix, and a straight up folk mix for the original, perhaps with more folk elements 

But overall, I think its a well produced and thought out track, and very catchy, which works for pop music 

A good effort and your definitely should keep going in this direction 

Hope this helps?

Many thanks 


Andrea Young

Nicely done.  Like the production/arrangement values, radio friendly.  It's a good song, and I can hear your commitment to creating a pop hit, you're hitting it on many levels.  I love your 'Road to Pop Stardom' idea, would love to chat further with you about some ways to help you get there.  Get in touch if further interested.  Thanks for your submission, and good luck with your vision!

Brian Hazard

Fantastic. I don't know if it'll be in my head until September, but it sure feels like a hit to me.

These lyrics are great! Next time please consider including your lyrics with the submission so we can follow along. So many great concrete images.

Another thing to include is a more sharable description of the song. I know I want to share this with my following on Twitter, but now I've got to come up with a witty angle. Best if you come up with a catchy wording so that you're presented to the world in a way that you're happy with. I mean, "summer anthem" I can use, but the rest is hyperbole. ;)

It's always hard to judge through SoundCloud's encoding, but the mastering sounds really pushed. I'm finding it really fatiguing to listen to. Anything with a sustained deep bass like this is hard to get loud, so I understand the compromise.

Bottom line, you've got yourself a great song here, and I'd be happy to share it. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Valida Carroll

Although I'm not actively promoting pop music...I can definitely appreciate a good pop song – and this one definitely has a lot going for it...The country flavor is on point...the build...the beat...all that is great...Also, the lyrics are funny..and the "this jerk should take the stairs" line...hahaha

Well........It's definitely catchy....I couldn't stop listening to it, but I think I might have been partially hypnotized by the autotune's omnipresence...I am not sure if you meant it to be so obvious? It's really distracting to me...All I could do after a while is listen for it...Analyze where you put it....and I got lost in it...I prefer to hear more of the singer's natural voice and not its computer doppelganger...Maybe an autotune here and there is OK for effect, I just think that in this song it's a bit of an overkill.

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