Jaief & Asong
Jaief and Asong are two longtime friends based in Germany. Besides Hip Hop, they both share an affection for quality music from multiple genres. Over the years, the rap duo has pursued numerous musical ventures with the aim of reaching a greater audience with their music. In 2008, they succeeded in earning a video shoot from Yahoo (USA) and Pepsi (USA) for the well-known video sessions called ‘Mic Pass’ for Pepsi Smash. Through the video session entitled ‘Mic Pass Germany’, Jaief and Asong, with fellow friends would reach a massive international audience for the first time. The video for Mic Pass Germany which is the first international Mic Pass session, was received with much acclamation by the public. The duo thereafter would continue their musical journey dropping mixtapes, and collaborating with other artists who share similar ambitions. In their current EP project entitled ‘Earworms’, the duo linked up with fellow friends and producers KasAkustix and Smokinbreakz to exhibit their incontrovertible love for quality rap music. The EP Earworms embodies their progressive and on-going journey through life, characterized by successes and failures. Their first single ‘Earworm’ has sparked a huge reaction online making it’s way in the ‘Jamendo Top 10 All Genres’ chart. This reaction on the internet would also earn them radio plays on several internet and live radio stations - amongst them is Radio Fritz where their “Earworm” song was dubbed as a potential candidate for song of the year (2015) on the program Trackback.
The duo would later on collaborate with ViRO Entertainment and Studio Einz to produce a live video version of the single ‘Earworm’ as a part of the monthly series Studio Einz Session. This live performance video would garner several thousand views in a just a few hours after being featured on the Facebook page of Jamendo.
As the EP Earworms continues to draw more fans, Jaief and Asong remain grateful and excited as they make further steps to bring their music to an even larger audience.

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Earworm (Official Video) by Jaief & Asong

Dörte Heilewelt

You captured Berlin as it is. I imagined the song to be more of an earworm or at least in a slightly more creative way than repeating the word "earworm" way to much (but yeah, maybe that's so annoying that it stays in your ears for some time). The chorus is just a bit boring. However, it's quite nice that even someone who doesn't listen to many Rappers and/or Hip Hop has got the chance to actually understand what you're talking about since you're style is very clear.  

Tonspion Music Magazine

Good vibes, nice funky beat, the only thing I don't hear (yet) is an earworm since there is not a chorus that would make this track stick in the ear. Will post the video in our magazine to see what the reactions are from our users. Thanks for sending this video!