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Mona and her Alpaca by Eve's Twin Lover

Liane Chan

Great pop song, makes nostalgic of the 90's for some reason. After several listens, I still want to keep hearing it. I think it would be great for college radio since it does have kind of cool indie feel to it. 

Leks Maltby

Pure feedback-laden rock glory right from the outset. Heavy power-pop vibes permeate the verse, immediately recalling a long list of 90's alternative acts. A catchy chorus with some great shaker in the rhythm section, not to mention some beautiful sugar-sweet female vocal harmonies. Definitely a radio-friendly formula, without losing any of the authentic rock elements and pop songwriting conventions. Somehow, this song manages to avoid over-reliance on repeating section to remain captivating from the first note to the very last, never lingering on one musical idea long enough for it to get stale and overstay its welcome.

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